Ben Affleck: Daddy-Daughters Weekend

The daddy-daughters weekend continues!

A bearded Ben Affleck and his adorable daughters – Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2 – were seen shopping for fresh fruits, veggies and flowers at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (October 2). The day before, we spotted the sweet trio enjoying a fun afternoon in Century City.

We hope mama, fellow actor Jennifer Garner, put her feet up and got some R&R! The Alias star is expecting the couple’s third child.

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Fame


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  1. noneedtoknow

    Violet and Seraphina are so cute…Love the dresses on them..Could not be any cuter !!

  2. noneedtoknow

    Violet and Seraphina could not be any cuter…Love the dresses on them !!

  3. Anonymous

    i like this look on him

  4. klutzy_girl

    I love this look on Ben. He really should keep it after the movie’s done shooting!

  5. Anonymous

    Although Ben, clearly, hates the paps around his little girls, Cute pics!

    Lovely family!

  6. Anonymous

    That lady in pink is hovering a little too close for comfort IMHO.

  7. SallyAnn

    So cute! I think Daddy must have fixed the girls hair today! Can’t wait to know what baby #3 is. My guess is another girl. He will have 3 girls and Childhoold BFF Matt Damon will has 3 girls (4 counting step-daughter, which I know he counts as his. I just meant he fathered 3 girls.) Anyway, can’t wait! I love the Garner-Affleck family.

  8. Anonymous

    Ben ge ts more ruggedly handsomer by the year.

  9. Anonymous

    aw sera and ben have the exact same mouth expression on them.. so cute! love!

  10. gbaby

    Not lovin his hair like this…if its for a movie he should get rid of it after he’s done shooting and go back to how he had his hair in “The Town” smoking hot!

  11. Amy

    hahahahhaha red sox are CHOKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    He looks so homely looking – not that he was ever anything to write home about anyway.

  13. Anonymous

    bring your won bags dammit! hate to see these celebrities going to a farmers market, being so cool, green and local – and coming out with a whole bunch of plastic bags!!

  14. Shamrock7

    Oh Me, Oh My!!! It’s Big Daddy Benjamino out with his Lil dolly girls!! Pure sweetness when he is out and about with kiddos.

    Hope his film “ARGO” is running smoothly and wishing much success to Ben. Once it’s wrapped up, I’m begging that he returns back to his clean shaved, short hair, and wide eye look again. This style is not working for me at all. Loved his appearance in 2010 at the Venice Film Festival. Ooh, la, la~

    Much happiness and all the best to the famiglia:)

  15. Sophia

    Violet and Sera are for sure some of the cutest sisters going round! And their dresses are adorable! Violet looks so much like her mama and Sera like her papa, it’ll be interesting to see who the baby favours more. Sweet photos 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You were obviously interested enough to take time from your day to click on the post and post a comment. If you were actually, truly bored, why don’t you just scroll past and ignore it? Do you actually just want attention?

  16. Connie

    This makes everything so cmoplteely painless.

  17. Maisyn

    Yeah, that’s the tkciet, sir or ma’am

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