Brandi Glanville Talks Post-Divorce Dating & Doting On Her Sons

How did Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Brandi Glanville move on after being dumped by her husband Eddie Cibrian for country singer LeAnn Rimes? Booze and boys!

“I just dated a lot of guys and drank a lot,” Glanville told Ryan Seacrest Monday (October 3) on his radio show. “I just kinda jumped into the dating scene and said, ‘Let’s just do this.'”

Though she’s still doing a lot of dating — mostly men she meets through friends — the majority of Brandi’s time is spent with her two sons Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, whom she cares for during the week while the boys’ father films his new NBC series, The Playboy Club, in Chicago.

“I see them everyday — I see them a lot,” Glanville told Seacrest.

As for how often she sees her boys with Cibrian and their “bonus mom,” Rimes, Brandi joked, “I try not to see them.”

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  • Larissa

    Not as much as they try not to see you! She’s disgusting to me & to most of the Californians that know her.

    • Anonymous


      There are a ton of tweets that don’t support what you are saying. No one thinks that BG is disgusting. What they do think is disgusting how LR continues to SWF her or even has her friends to go after BG on twitter and sites like this.

      Most Californias that know her don’t like her? How would you know a thing like that? Unless of course you heard something like this from Leann Rimes. Most people don’t like LR and BG got a lot of support last night from her appearance on RHOBH from all over the world. So it looks like there is something wrong with your logic.

      Don’t make it so obvious that LR is feeding you information.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder LR set up that “devoted” bonus photo-op with the kids. LR doesn’t like the fact that Brandi G is getting ANY attention from the media. So LR decided to use those kids to keep her name in the press. Well at least this article didn’t disrespect BG by calling those kids Leann’s.

    • Janna

      I don’t recall ever single an article on this website that implied that those boys were anything but Leann’s stepsons and/or part of her “family”, and they *are* her stepsons and are part of her family, so what’s the problem?

      • Anonymous

        You don’t recall? Well that is odd because someone on this site posted a staged photo-op of LR with those kids and as the title they put, “Leann Rimes shopping with “HER” calabasas cuties.” So either you have a selective memory or you are seeing what you want to see.

        Wrong, according to Leann she is married to those kids and she even has the wedding bands and necklaces with their initials to show for it, which is probably one of the real reasons why she doesn’t want them to call her stepmother.

        What’s the problem, we know that LR doesn’t care about those kids. Her staged photo-op that she set up on Sunday was all done because she was trying to show Maya A that she was a “devoted stepmother” before she sat down with her for an interview. Who does that?

        • Anon-a-who?

          What was wrong with that headline? Like it or not, kooky Anonymous poster, she has a stepparent relationship with them. They ARE her stepsons.
          I can see that that makes you crazy and eats away at you, and it used to weird me out, now I just have fun watching you go ape-sh*t on this site.

          • Anonymous


            You know very well what was wrong with the headline, it’s why you showed up in both threads trying to fix it by bashing BG.

            Leann doesn’t have a stepparent relationship with those kids. Leann comes across as a parasite. Just because Leann married EC and then claims to have married those kids, it does not give her same rights as those kids mother or make it okay for Leann to exploit them.

            Wrong dear, what makes Leann crazy and eats her up everytime is the fact that people call her out on her bad behavior regarding those kids.

            Of course Leann Rimes is wierded out by people who don’t condone her actions. Since you are out in full force that can only mean one thing. LR is going to release yet another staged photo-op to this site.

            You are having fun? Yeah right, if you were having fun, you wouldn’t have be in this thread attacking BG or in the other thread using several different names.

            Just face it, LR is wrong.

  • Ondine

    She sounds like mother of the year. She “sees” her kids every day or every day they aren’t with their father and step-mother. Does she have primary residential custody of these boys? It doesn’t sound like it.

  • SiervaMaria

    I don’t think she was just “dumped.” I don’t think anyone would have said he “dumped” her if Leeann weren’t in the picture. I get the strong impression they would still be divorced by now regardless of another in the picture.

  • Anonymous

    The fist episode of real houewives she was on she said in her interview that she was “married to the biggest d*uche bag of all time” She dresses in very small clothes.

  • NYC Mommy

    Of my goodness, “she dated alot of men and drank alot ” she sounds like a she may have not been in any state to take care of small children. I actually feel bad for her since when reading above it is obvious she has little self esteem. I hope she is doing better now.

    • Anonymous

      What would you do if your husband left you and your kids for another woman – throw a party and thank your lucky stars?? Give me a break.

      • Janna

        I agree. I think this happens to lots of women who are in her position. Sounds like it was temporary and she’s pulling herself out of it, so kudos to her.

        However, joining the Real Housewives?? Injecting her face with whatever she’s injected it with?? No. Just no.

        • Anonymous

          Well when Leann’s interview with Ellen failed to get her sympathy from the public, Leann went and set up an interview with Maya A. As if Maya A has the power to make her actions with EC kids and her affair with EC okay. This was a bad thing to do. Why would Leann set up another interview to justify what she did to another woman? And then she can’t figure out or understand why the dislike of her keeps getting worse. Trying to save LR by putting out stories about how Maya A likes LR isn’t going to make things better for LR because we have all seen her tweets and inappropriate staged photo-ops with those kids.

          LR fills her face with botox and fillers, didn’t you see all those staged photo-ops during her birthday weekend papfest?

      • NYC Mommy

        Yes, I would throw a party and thank my lucky stars if he was as much as a D*****Bag as she states he was…. But in all seriousness one thing I would not do is DATE ALOT OF MEN and DRINK ALOT… not productive at all I would concentrate on my young children.

      • Gaby

        Anonymous: Who says you have to drink and be a slut just because your husband left you? Surely a situation like that wouldn’t be ideal for anybody whether they were on bad terms with their spouse or not, but not everything is solved by drinking.

  • Anonymous

    This entire “article” misquotes her or puts her words out of context. Go to the kiisfm site to hear the entire interview from 10/3/11 with Ryan Seacrest and listen for yourself. Shame on you, “celebritybabyscoop.”

  • Anonymous

    I feel so bad for these two boys. Just from these remarks- confirms that these so called adults need to put all their petty bickering and name calling aside and move on with their lives. It over and Brandi will find another man- hopefully better than Eddie and move on with her life. Leeann will always be remembered for cheating while married with a married man and Eddie will for his cheating and dumping of his wife to be with Leeann. But it’s over people so move on for the sake of those two boys. I’m sure they feel caught up in the middle.

  • Victoria

    I’m young, not married, and have no kids, and I totally understands where she’s coming from. I think everyone believes that they know what they would do if they were in someone else’s shoes. Like if your husband left you for another woman, but truthfully we don’t know. I remember on The View she said that she didn’t even know anything was wrong in their marriage, so when we think something is going okay and then all of a sudden our husband’s leave us after cheating with his co star, it would turn anyone’s world upside down. And yes everyone should listen to the whole interview
    PS dating alot of men doesn’t mean she slept with alot of men, so there’s nothing wrong about it.

  • Anonymous

    So is Leann gearing up to release another staged photo-op with EC kids because Leann’s pr person is here in full force?

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