Gwen Stefani & Kingston: Birthday Buddies

Happy Birthday, Gwen!

One of our favorite celebrity mamas, Gwen Stefani, was seen celebrating her 42nd birthday today (October 3) with son Kingston, 5, in London, England. We love the stylish duds on the gorgeous mother-son duo!

Gwen’s hunky hubby, fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale, and their 3-year-old son Zuma were not spotted with the pair.

Here’s wishing Gwen a wonderful day and a fabulous year ahead!

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Photo credit: / Bauer Griffin


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  1. ER

    Kingston looks so different with his natural hair colour.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi pants are ridiculous…she’s trying WAY too hard to get them noticed.

  3. Anonymous

    When you have little kids, are those shoes really practical? What if that kid darted in front of a bus. What if he was about to walk into something? I’m just wondering how fast you can move in those things.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, you must be new to this site — it’s common knowledge that Gwen doesn’t take a step with the kids unless she has at least one nanny present at all times. Rest assured, there’s no need for her to move fast, the nanny will have it covered. 😉

  4. gbaby

    gwen is stunning i cannot believe this woman is 42!

    • Anonymous

      gbaby – what’s not to believe? She doesn’t look any better than most other celebs her age (e.g. Sandra Bullock, Naomi Watts) except she puts way more effort into it — have you ever seen her without a full face of make up?

      • gbaby

        ummm yes she looks much better than the celebs you just listed. Whats your big objection with my comment? What are you 40 and look like your 60? and just so you know, yeah, makeup enhances your look, but honey its not miracle work. Dont be a hater she looks good accept it.

        • Lioness

          Gbaby, you must be new here- bashing Gwen is a favorite pastime of many commenters on this site. I honestly don’t understand why, but people love to do it. Don’t take it personal. I agree with you, she looks great.

          • Anonymous

            bashing Gwen is a favorite pastime of many commenters on this site.
            Seriously? I haven’t noticed that at all. Sure, not everyone is a fan/admirer, but “bashing” ??? If you want to see “bashing”, look at some of the crazy posts about Katie Holmes and her daughter. I find it strange that you get so offended when others criticize a celebrity, particularly when the comments are pretty innocuous. Get a life.

        • Anonymous

          And are you 12?

          “Dont be a hater she looks good accept it.”

          • gbaby

            its ok to think that im 12 to justify your comment…its halarious though. and yes, you are hating on this woman’s beauty…im too lazy to use correct grammer like if this were some entrance essay exam or something. quite frankly your nobody so im gonna type however the hell i feel like it so…if you dont understand what ‘hating’ means google it.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s weird seeing Kingston with that dark hair but it IS his hair color and she should stop dying it.

    • an nony mous

      It’s about time she and Gavin stopped with the bleaching of Kingston’s hair. I wonder if it became severly damaged, so they had to give him a buzz cut. I wonder when they’ll start to dye Zuma’s hair. Hope they’ll at least wait till he’s a mature ….4.

  6. Tory

    God, I feel like I sholud be takin notes! Great work

  7. Monkey

    Your article was excellent and eruitde.

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