Jennifer Grey & Family Enjoy A Night Out

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Dirty Dancing alum Jennifer Grey was spotted with her actor husband Clark Gregg and their 9-year-old daughter Stella at the premiere of the film Real Steel in Universal City, Calif. on Sunday (October 2).

Although her Dirty Dancing days are far behind her, the actress recently revealed that the year the movie was released marked the same year she suffered a car accident that left her with whiplash damage and chronic pain.

After giving birth to her daughter, Jennifer claims that the pain and discomfort she endured for all those year became worse. When she finally connected with a reliable doctor, her problems were uncovered. Jennifer’s spinal cord was compressed and she needed fusion immediately. During the course of treatment, it was determined that she also had a cancerous lump in her thyroid, which was then removed

Jennifer is now the face of Purdue Pharma’s educational program to inform patients, caregivers, and physicians how to effectively communicate about pain management.

What is the message that Jennifer is asking her followers to take away from her?

Make a step. Every day take an action for yourself. Break it down. Follow the breadcrumbs. Don’t give up. Do your best. Keep going.”

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  1. Rebecca

    Stella is beautiful! 🙂 She looks so genuinely happy, and healthy, and she looks a lot like her dad.

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