Katie Holmes: Suri Drops Her Ice Cream Cone!

Katie Holmes, 32, and her adorable 5-year-old daughter Suri were seen on Monday (October 3) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The Dawson’s Creek alum treated her sweet girl to an ice cream, which she accidentally dropped on her way out. Thankfully, The Milkshake Factory was happy to replace Suri’s vanilla cone with a new chocolate ice cream treat!

The mother-daughter duo are in town while papa, movie star Tom Cruise, films his latest flick One Shot.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Rebecca

    In the second to last picture you can really see her going HUWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
    Poor kid. No one likes to see their ice cream go splat. I’m 18 years old, and I’d probably do the same thing if it happened to me right now. lol

    • mia

      “Dropped her ice cream cone”….that tends to happen when the scoop is as big as your head and you eat it sideways.

  • Anonymous

    Suri: “Dang, I meant to order chocolate! Oops, dropped it…”

    • Ondine

      I think you’re right about that Anony. Who in their right mind would order a possibly drippy doublescoop chocolate icecream cone for a girl walking down the street wearing a white coat?

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought the exact same thing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the brat got another ice cream cone.

    • Anna

      That’s what it says in the text….

  • Kty

    I now hope that you are feeling better Anonymous@6:43 after calling a child you know nothing about on a personal level a brat…next time try to bash someone your own size for a change

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe the pathetic comments from grown women (presumably) directed at a child. Incredible. It’s one thing to criticize a parent, but children should be off-limits.

    • Janna

      Are you new here? A favorite pasttime of a lot of the posters on this board is to ridicule, bully and insult children ESPECIALLY this one. If you plan on sticking around, better get used to it because they’ll never stop and can’t even see how wrong it is.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Janna – No, I’m not new, but the comments seem to be getting worse — and as you suggest, they are particularly bad where this tot is concerned. I hope to God these women (girls?) are not parents.

        • Janna

          I don’t think that they understand one thing: The problem isn’t SAYING these things, it’s THINKING them. Who in their right mind even thinks such nasty things about a child? Then to actually type them?! Then post them as if what they’ve said is so profound and worth sharing?!?!

          Now, whenever I see a photo, like this one of Suri Cruise with an ice cream cone, I immediately try to guess what the CrazyNaziMommies on this site will post. Yet still, they are always nastier and more vicious than anything I can think up.

  • SiervaMaria

    I think Suri is a cutie pie but that first picture feels futuristic. It involuntarily morphed into the same look but in 20yrs. Something about her feels so isolated and not being prepared for a life where her mother isn’t within eye shot. I can’t know what her life is in private, but I get a strong sense that Katie and other adults are her main source of human contact. JMHO

    • Anonymous

      You may be right re: the adult contact, but you have to hand it to Katie for being a “hands on” mom. Sure they have bodyguards, assistants, etc., but Suri is only seen with a nanny when Katie isn’t there. It’s obvious that she genuinely loves being with her daughter.

  • Anonymous

    She originally got an adult size cone with 3 BIG scoop vanilla ice cream which drop than Kate got her a much smaller child size cone and 2 child size scoops.

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh, maybe teach her not to hold it sideways?

  • Anonymous

    Katie looks very unhappy. I know the feeling though…I feel stuck in my life too and unfortunately for me my husband doesn’t have the money Tom Cruise has. But I still can relate to her.

  • sara m

    Katie looks unhappy? Who wouldn’t look a little bit ticked off when they are constantly pursued by a pack of sleazeballs calling out their kid’s name and snapping photos of every move they make? Seriously, I’ve seen footage of what goes on — not just photos, but the audio — and it’s pretty vile.

  • Sandy Eve

    She looks adorable! And behaves in the most normal way possible for a child in her situation! Some people just need to get a life!

  • Lioness

    She’s 5. Kids drop stuff all the time. What is the matter with you people?

    • Anonymous

      Why not respond to the person who made the ignorant comments – most of us were defending Suri.

    • Anonymous

      Go back to school – you are the one with the problem

  • JennG

    Katie had suri’s baby bottle handy after the ice cream cone incident.I can’t believe she’s still using a baby bottle!

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