LeAnn Rimes & Her Calabasas Cuties

Country singer LeAnn Rimes was California cruising in Calabasas with her two step sons Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, on Sunday (October 2).

The trio seemed to be enjoying their fun filled day together as they perused a local Barnes & Noble bookstore and dined out with friends.

LeAnn recently blogged about the joys and challenges of being a step-parent and admits, it’s not always easy!

“There are many obstacles to overcome,” the self-described “bonus mom” explains. “Two households with different rules, many different personalities and opinions that can pose issues at times. But it’s important to take the highroad for the kids’ sake and ultimately for your own.”

Leann – who married the boys’ father Eddie Cibrian earlier this year – ended her post by writing:

These two little boys came into my life for a reason and I think I came into theirs for a reason too. And through all the challenges I speak of, we’ve found an amazing relationship full of laughter, respect and love. It’s beyond rewarding to be able to help Eddie raise the boys and shape their lives. I take my role very seriously and I’m proud of the peaceful, loving environment Eddie and I have created for our family in our household. Society will always call me a stepmom, the boys will call me Le, but in our house, in our family, we remove the ‘step.’ We really are all… simply family.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • mia

    “..and HER Calabasas Cuties”???? They are not hers. I know you said in the article that they are her “step sons”, but I guarantee their mother would not be happy with this headline. (if you care). A lot of people don’t like their mother either….haha.
    Leann is dressed like a wh*** and she just bugs the crap outta me. I cringe when I see her with these kids acting like they are hers. I have a very strong feeling that she smells bad.

    • Janna

      Would you rather she acting like she was constantly bothered by them? Maybe you’d rather she smack them around a little and stop acting like she enjoys them so much? How exactly do you think she should act?

      [[I agree with how she’s dressed, but their mother dresses in some pretty eye-raising outfits too, so I imagine they’re used to that. As a matter of fact, I’m SURE that I’ve seen their mother in super-short cut-off shorts just like that. ]]

      • Anonymous


        What people would prefer is that LR stop using those kids to keep her name and face in the press.

        Using those kids to keep her name and face in the press is equivalent to smacking them around a little. If she enjoyed being with those kids, then she wouldn’t constantly call up sites like this to get these “candid” shots with those kids. Or did she have Darrell Brown take the photos because she has had problems with the oldest boy cooperating in the staged photo-ops?

        Seriously, those are BG kids, not LR. It’s silly that you expect LR to receive the same rights to those kids as their own mother. Besides, it’s LR who just stated that she takes the high road, so why would she continue to dress like that if she takes the high road with those kids like she stated?

    • SiervaMaria

      My goodness you’re off the beam! GU already! So what if the mother isn’t happy about some WORDS. She know’s she’s their mom and they know it to. It is not your life and if Leann bugs you so much, don’t look. You DON’T have to be here!

      I repeat. GU!

      • Anonymous

        Wow, is Leann planning on sending this site another staged photo-op with those kids? She must be because we only see this much activity from Miss Rimes pr team when she is gearing up to release a staged photo-op to this site.

        Being off the beam: When a 29 yo grown woman continues to tweet, blog, or set up staged photo-ops with another woman’s kids just to keep her name and face in the press because she needs to sell her albums.

        So basically you are upset because once again rather than glorify this staged photo-op, LR is getting slammed for it? The backlash will stop when LR stops exploiting those kids. If she is dumb enough to keep calling the paps when she spending time with those kids, then she is going to get slammed by the public.

        The mother? No dear, Eddie Cibrain was the one who stated in court documents that he didn’t like his kids being exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure. So why are we seeing these kids or even hearing about them in LR blogs and tweets?

        Those kids lives are not LR either, yet she plays with their lives as if it’s a game.

        If the criticism LR gets from exploiting those kids bothers you so much, then why don’t you stop looking? You don’t have to be here either.

        Perhaps you should be telling LR to GU. Those are kids, not props.

        So should we expect another staged photo-op fo LR with those kids because LR wouldn’t have sent you here if she wasn’t planning on releasing photos of those kids to this site.

  • Taylor

    I’m so glad that the whole world will now get to meet Brandi Glanville on RHBH so they can see exactly why Eddie Cibrian left this evil woman. Who could blame Eddie from leaving Brandi for a woman like LeAnn who is so amazingly talented with acting and singing among her other motherly qualities. It looks like LeAnn loves to share her love with the men in her family. She cooks, decorates, cleans and earns an amazing living. What man wouldn’t want to find a real woman to mother his children.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Stace2U.

      I see that this staged photo-op with CBS didn’t go the way you had hoped.

      The only talent Leann has these days is exploiting children and of course tipping off the paps. Strange how this site is the only one that posted these photos of LR with those kids. So did LR set up this photo-op with this site?

      Of course she did. It’s why you are trying to deflect by blaming BG.

      What Leann loves to share is her need to exploit a child.

      You consider setting up staged photo-ops with CBS as mothering?

      And how do you know that LR, cooks, cleans, decorates, and earns a living? Because that is what she told you to write?

      Leann isn’t a mother, she is a 29 yo who is desperate to keep her name and face in the press by any means necessary. If it calls for exploiting a child she does it. It’s a shame that the media encourages this bad behavior from her.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people always say Her cuties – She is not their Mother. She is the STEP PARENT. She really has no say in the matter when it comes to the boys. They are not hers….

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and when the boys find out how their parents split up.. I can imagine there’s going to be some resentment there, understandably.

    • SiervaMaria

      My sister and I are from different marriages and my sister called both dad’s “daddy” and no one had any issue. The adults were friends to the point of my father being a pallbearer at my sister’s fathers funeral, and my mother and my sisters dads widow co-writing the obit. What is wrong with people?! Those kids know who is who and yet I’m sure they love Leeann and it shows. It’s attitudes like yours and some others in this thread that end up screwing kids up. You’re so worried about shit that doesn’t matter that you really don’t care about the children at all.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah when they find out that she was boging their father while he was still married to their mother – Yeah they will love her for sure – Nuting but a TRA*P

      • Anonymous


        Well the number one problem with your argument is the fact that Eddie Cirbain stated that his kids shouldn’t experience ANY TYPE of public exposure. What do you think that means? It means we shouldn’t be seeing or hearing anything from LR about those kids. There is no use arguing that there is no harm in what LR wrote or said about those kids when EC stated several times that it was unhealthy for his kids to be exposed to the paps and media and tabloids.

        As we have seen time and time again, Leann is constantly being inapproriate with those kids. From declaring that she married them and then buying wedding bands to show for it. To exposing her implants to those kids.

        Stop making excuses for LR, if the kids loved her she wouldn’t have to set up these elaborate “devoted bonus mom” photo-ops.

        So you are blaming the people who call LR out for her bad behavior when this could have all been avoided had Mis Rimes not tipped off the paps in the first place? People are not going to pat LR on the back or even glorify this staged photo-op because it was wrong. She gets slammed everytime she stages a photo-op with those kids, why did she think that this would be any different? Because she wrote that blog before she did it?

        If this didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be here making excuses for LR behavior with those kids because she was to selfish to have a day with those kids without inviting the paps along.

  • Dee

    Ah …. so this is how she kept the oldest boy away from his soccer game where the boys’ mom was waiting to watch him play. Nice going, Bonus Bimbo!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, I would say a man that didn’t want a woman who looks like a man.

  • chocolate_bear

    she has no say? step moms have no say? what world do you live in???

    • Janna

      I’m just guessing that they meant no say in how cute they are.

      • Anonymous


        It’s sad that LR is so desperate for attention that she sets up these staged photo-ops with the intent of it being posted on this site.

        So much for taking her role seriously right?

    • Anonymous

      Not according to the Law – They are not the Child’s parent. Look it up and get informed!

      • Anonymous


        Really? So then how come kidnapping is a crime? If the law doesn’t recognize that a child doesn’t belong to a parent then how come anyone can’t walk into any hospital and take whatever child they want?

        What about child support? If the law didn’t operate the way you claim, then how come people are ordered to pay child support?

        If LR hadn’t tipped off the paps, you wouldn’t be in this position to defend her.

        Strange how this site is the only one that posted the photos of LR with those kids, why do you think this is so?

  • Anon

    LeAnn Rimes can continue on her path of self- obsessed restitution.. BUT she is just a filthy low life who will never reach beyond her success as a child Country singer. She needs to GO AWAY and stop trying to redeem herself! Nobody gives a s*it about her! BUT it is so difficult to walk away from her VAIN lack of reality…She is just ASKING for the hatred with her stupid comments about children she is not the Mother of..and the *family* life she does not have! She cheated with a married man, and she looks like an anorexic DUDE.

    • Anon-o-who?

      Dude, you sound like a crazy person who has too much emotion invested in the life of a complete stranger. You seem like the kind of person they write stalker laws for.

      • Anonymous

        Hi STACE2U

        So is that your damage control? You think that you can fix this staged photo-op (BTW, I think that this is the only site that posted the photos of LR with those kids, all the others have her without the kids, so we can assume that LR set up this staged photo-op with CBS) by calling anyone who calls LR out on exploiting those kids crazy?

        Crazy person: A 29 yo woman who is so desperate to keep her name and face in the press that she thrusts two innocent kids into the spotlight.

        A person who has too much emotion invested in the life of a complete stranger: A 29 yo woman who describes her relationship with a child as a marriage, exposes her implants to those kids, and wears three wedding bands to let everyone know that she married a child.

        The type of person they need to write stalker laws against is Leann Rimes. It wasn’t enough that she made that child miss out on his soccer game so that she can exploit him at her concert, she just had to go out and set up another staged photo-op with those kids. And for what? Just so that this site can write another fluff piece about her?

        So what is Leann promoting this week because we all know that these staged photo-ops come out when she or EC are doing something important for their careers.

        • Anonymous

          You just proved Anon-o-who’s point. Take a breath already.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Stace2U

            Wow, LR has out you out in full force today. If she hadn’t set up this staged photo-op you wouldn’t even be a position where you have to defend her like this.

            Yes, and we know it’s you Stace2U because you did the same exact thing on twitter after many posters called LR out for sharing way too much information about those kids with her fans.

            Perhaps if LR took a breath, she wouldn’t have to keep sending Stace2U to this site to defend her when her “devoted bonus mom” staged photo-op fails.

  • Jan

    She if providing a ‘peaceful and loving environment’? that includes putting them on a tour bus to Nevada and not tell their mom that they will miss their soccer games as a result? She is narcissism at it’s worst. How is it that every time these boys are with her they are photographed. Not when they are alone with their father (an actor), not when they are alone with their mother (a reality tv personality) but only when they are with her? Call the paps much?

  • Madeleine

    You guys weren’t saying these things about stepmothers and step-kids when it was Sandra Bullock and Sunny…Just saying.

    • Lioness

      Please Madeleine- you clearly don’t belong here, as you are exhibiting what they call “sense”. Many people who comment on this site don’t seem to know what that is. They pick and choose who they want to vilify, and then go to town. There is no rhyme or reason to it; it doesn’t matter if someone else they approve of does the same thing as the person they don’t approve of. The person they don’t like (usually for no good reason) is bad, and the person they do like is good. End of story. So stop making sense.

  • Anonymous

    so angry people you are. You probably feel better about yourself when you talk so badly about other people.

  • Anonymous

    First of all those kids do not belong to Leann. If Leann cared as much about those kids as she keeps saying, then she wouldn’t have tipped off the paps. But then again Leann has an album so sell, so out come the kids.

    Secondly, no child enjoys being exploited. It’s why the oldest child is constantly hiding in these staged photo-ops. It’s more than obvious that the kids know the person behind the camera. So are we to assume that these photos were taken by Darrell Brown and then sold to this site? I see that these photos were taken by GSI, a while back it was revealed that LR is in contact with a photographer from that agency and even flew that photographer out to Cabo with her and EC while on their honeymoon.

    Obstacles to overcome? Like how to prevent one child from hiding behind cars, umbrellas, or in the shadows when he sees the paps that his bonus mom invites along with them? Easy, she gets someone who the kids knows to take their photos. Which explains why the kids are “enjoying” their “fun filled” day. Or is she talking about how much money she can make by selling the photos of these kids to various media outlets?

    Funny that she mentioned the part about different rules for the different households. Didn’t EC threaten to sue his ex-wife if the kids made cameos on her show, and yet when it comes to their careers and jobs LR and EC throw that rule right out the door as they stage photo-op after photo-op and give exclusive interviews to People mag about those kids.

    Wouldn’t taking the high road have included not tipping off the paps when she is with those kids? She can’t state that she took the high road when she won’t be a “devoted stepmother” to those kids unless the media is there to document it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow so let’s point out the problems with Leann’s blog entry about those kids.

    Problem 1:

    Eddie Cibrian stated, “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”

    Based on LR birthday bash on the beach in which she changed her bikini 3 times because she was doing a photoshoot and staging “devoted” bonus mom photos to get free bikinis, we know that LR is tipping off the paps. So why would LR continue to set up these staged photo-ops and tweet about those kids even after her own husband stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure? Why would anyone buy this happy family image LR is trying to sell when in doing so she shows up that EC is a liar?

    Problem 2: Those kids wouldn’t be in her life and she wouldn’t be in theirs if she had told EC “no” or “go home to your wife” . So she is there for one reason only. Because she had an affair with those kids father, didn’t respect another woman’s marriage, and refused to go away even after EC called her a speedbump in his marriage. Why is this something that certain media outlets glorify?

    Problem 3: How exactly is she respecting those kids or even loving them when she only shows up in public with them when she has something to promote? It’s not funny that a 29 yo woman can only get by in life by exploiting innocent kids who are so upset over being exploited that they hide from the paps. Which means this photo-op was taken by someone those kids are familiar with. Maybe one of LR friends.

    If those kids really mattered to LR, why did she make that child miss his soccer game all because she doesn’t trust her husband enough to leave him alone for 2 sec? It’s bad to tell us that she is devoted to those kids when those kids didn’t even matter enough to her to the point where she put making a statement(ie-EC loves her because he attends her concerts) over those kids. And let’s not forget how she allowed them to jump around a moving bus while they were on tour with her. Who does that?

    Problem 4: Notice her wording. Notice how she says she is helping EC raise his kids. Notice how she goes out of her way to leave out BG. She is helping BG AND EC raise THEIR kids. Why is it so hard for LR to acknowledge that those kids are BG and EC? If she is content in her relationship with EC, she wouldn’t have a problem saying that she is helping BG and EC raise THEIR kids. Which is funny that the title of this article supports LR agenda. LR must be a very insecure person because she can’t stand the fact that those kids are BG and EC. How exactly is she raising these kids when she expolits them like this?

    Problem 5: Peaceful and loving? So then why does the oldest boy hide whenever his stepmother invites the paps out with them? To the point where EC and LR have to hold his hand so he doesn’t run or they have to use a pap that these kids are VERY familiar with or one of LR friends has to take the photo and then they sell it to GSI? What is rewarding for LR is the fact that some media outlets glorify her bad behavior towards these kids. If the media had actually called her out for exploiting those kids on her blog, do you think we would be seeing this staged photo-op?

    Problem 6: That is the problem. LR can’t stand the fact that she isn’t those kids mother. It’s sad that the media would continue to glorify LR insecurities.

    Based on LR own tweets, staged photo-ops, and blogs we know that those kids are nothing more than props for LR and EC. Did someone check her schedule? She must have had a photoshoot or an interview.

  • Anonymous

    So can someone please explain how can LR be providing a peaceful or loving home for those kids, taking the high road, or respecting those kids considering that

    a) Eddie Cibrian threatened to sue his ex-wife if his kids made cameos on her show.

    So it’s okay for EC and LR to exploit those kids, is that the impression we are getting everytime EC and LR give an interview, set up a staged photo-op, or post a blog about those kids?

    b) Eddie Cibrian stated: “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”

    So how does the media reconcile this huge discrepency? You have Eddie Cibrian stating that his kids should not experience ANY TYPE of public exposure, but isn’t that exactly what is going on here with Leann’s blogs and tweets, staged photo-op so show everyone that she is those kids mother and not BG, and interviews, which as we can see are being posted on several blogs and media outlets? So how does one explain this. EC said ANY TYPE of public exposure and since this blog post is plasteredand this site posted this staged photo-op from Sunday, then those kids have been publicly exposed right?

    c) Eddie Cibrian- “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”

    Once again we must question why this blog entry and staged photo-op exists? So according to EC own words, which contradicts LR blog entry and staged photo-op, this blog entry and staged photo-op was all done so that Leann Rimes could get more media attention for herself.

    d) Eddie Cibrian stated: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi

    So how exactly is EC protecting his kids when he allows his wife to post things about his kids, set up these “devoted bonus mom” staged photo-op, and give interviews about them which as we can see ends up as gossip in tabloids and pap sites?

  • Sophia

    Yeah, they’re not HER sons but they’re HER step-sons, so who cares if it says HER in the title? I’m sure she loves them and cares for them.

    • Anonymous

      But that isn’t what the title says.

      If Leann loved those boys then this staged photo-op and that blog entry about those kids wouldn’t exist.

      People should be very weary of any adult who describes their relationship with a child as a marriage. Leann is one of those people who goes around doing just that. The fact that she would get three wedding bands for her relationship with those kids is proof enough that things are not as Leann claims they are in her household.

  • Anonymous

    I just want her to put on some pants.

  • Anonymous

    And now this staged photo-op with EC kids makes so much more sense. Seriously before this site posts about LR could they please check her schedule first? Leann had an interview with Maya Angelou. And guess what she talks about in that interview with Maya A? EC kids. So once again this staged photo-op was to give Maya A the impression that LR is a good stepmother. It wasn’t done because LR loves those kids, but because as we have stated several times before LR is using those kids.

    Good luck with that interview with Maya A, people have witnessed too much of LR bad behavior and it gets worse each and every day.

    So LR set this up so that she can show May A just how much she loves “her” cuties. This is sad and disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    More updates. See before this site posts about Leann and those kids can they please check her schedule because 100% of the time we are only see the staged photo-op with the kids because LR has something planned.

    Yeap, so in addition to her interview with Maya A, which is now hitting media outlets now, Leann is also set to be on Leno on Tuesday night. Those kids could have been spared had the media stop glorifying her bad behavior.

    So just like we said, Leann isn’t interested in those kids just in what she can get by using their names and faces.

    For her birthday she used those kids to get free bikinis and now she is using those kids because she has very important interviews with important people.


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