Jewel Is Sleep Deprived & Loving It!

With her son Kase set to hit the 3-month mark next week, new mom Jewel says she is loving these early days of motherhood. In an interview with Scholastic Parent & Child, the soulful singer chats about sleep deprivation, letting go, and her biggest “aha!” moment so far.

On motherhood: “I love life as a new mom. I’ve got something new to learn every day. It’s funny, even though you carry your baby all those months, you’re still strangers when he arrives. I’m very sleep deprived, but my whole career prepared me well for life as a new mom.”

On her parenting style: “I’m super type A in general. Very organized, über researched. When I was pregnant I had a talk with myself. I realized I couldn’t control everything. As a new mom, you have to have a sense of humor because you’re tired and know so little; it stirs up your insecurities. You have to throw up your hands and laugh!”

On “aha!” moments: “There’ve been a million. As simple as it is, the fact that I can comfort Kase was a big one.”

On being a breast cancer advocate: “I’m hosting the third season of a series on the Veria TV network called The Incurables. It’s about miraculous recovery stories, many of which involve breast cancer survivors who promote natural lifestyles after overcoming life-threatening diseases. It’s meant to inspire viewers.”

On breast cancer ‘pink’ events: “I think the (pink) events are great! When you shine a light on something, it takes the shame out of it. The shame is especially strong when it comes to breast cancer. My husband Ty is a rodeo cowboy, and he participates in an event where he uses pink ropes and wears a pink shirt. The more you see this issue talked about or in a magazine, the more people become aware.”

Read Jewel’s entire interview at Scholastic Parent & Child.

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