Chynna Phillips: My Kids Tell Me To “Loosen Up”

Dancing with the Stars competitor, Chynna Phillips, was seen leaving rehearsal with two of her children – daughter Jameson, 11, and son Vance, 9 – along with hubby Billy Baldwin on Saturday (October 1). As the family drove away, Billy had a quick chat with Chynna’s dancing partner Tony Dovolani.

The 43-year-old Wilson Phillips songstress opens up to Parade about her experience on DWTS, raising their family in Hollywood and the Bridesmaids cameo that helped “resurrect” her career.

My kids are being very supportive,” Chynna says of her stint on DWTS. “They can hardly believe I’m on the show. It’s hysterical. They just keep saying, ‘Mom, don’t stress out. Relax, loosen up, have a good time!’ They’ve been very supportive and it means the world to me.”

Has it been hard for the high profile couple to raise their kids in Tinseltown?

“For the longest time, they didn’t even know that I was famous,” Chynna says. “I didn’t talk to them about it and I wasn’t working. My whole life was dedicated to the kids. Just in the past couple years, I have started dabbling in my career again, so now they’re beginning to say, ‘Ah, mom had a full-on career before we existed!’ I’m living one of my dreams right now and that’s what I want for my kids. I want them to know that they’re capable to go out there and do what they love and make a living doing it. I always tell my kids make your vocation your vacation.”

Although she was not familiar with the show, the mother-of-three says DWTS has been a great experience.

It’s been a real ride!” she says. “I actually never watched the show before and I’d like to think it’s an advantage because I really walked in there with a fresh perspective. I had no idea what to expect and that really worked for me. All I knew was that I just had to dance well. So I just went to my dance lessons and listened to what Tony [Dovolani] had to say and followed his orders and then went out there and executed it. I don’t get my head all into the competition and the judges and the millions of people that are watching. I just have to stay laser-beam focused on the dancing.”

Once the queen of ’80s pop, Chynna says the Wilson Phillips cameo on Bridemaids was a welcome surprise.

“We got an out-of-the-blue phone call asking if we’d be interested in doing a cameo in the movie,” Chynna explains. “It was a Judd Apatow film, so we knew that it had a high probability of being a very funny, high profile movie, so we agreed to do it. Honestly, we had no idea that it was going to unleash in the way that it did. It just sort of took over the nation. It gave us the shot in the arm we needed. We needed something to help resurrect our career.”

Chynna and Billy are also parents to 7-year-old daughter Brooke.

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