Jennifer Aniston Addresses Baby Rumors: “If It’s Meant To Be, It’s Meant To Be”

For years we’ve heard rumors of Jennifer Aniston‘s “desperation” to have a baby, with reports of secret adoption plans and possible signs of pregnancy always hitting a high when the former Friends star is seen with a new beau. But in the November issue of ELLE, Aniston addresses all of the baby talk, making it clear once and for all that she’s perfectly happy with her life — with or without a child.

“But it’s not what you read. There’s no desperation,” Jennifer tells the magazine of the tabloid headlines that claim she’s on a mission to start a family.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is,” adds Aniston.

Though she was very candid about her plans for motherhood, or lack thereof, one thing Jennifer wasn’t willing to talk about was her romance with Justin Theroux; at one point asking, “But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”

For more of Jennifer Aniston and other “Women in Hollywood,” like Michelle Pfeiffer, and Evan Rachel Wood, check out the November issue of ELLE.

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  1. Anon


  2. More tabloid covers than Diana

    Because the peabodies will ask her about her ex husband …get it now not Brad
    But the media keep it going since the divorce NO she does not want children
    Because of Angie. None of the tabloids are true. This is probably y
    She did not have any with Brad. No one has the right to ask about her boyfriend and she has the right to say No!

  3. anonymous

    This is the first time she actually doesn’t deny it. We’ll see.

  4. Anonymous

    That true, she’s normally a lot more insistant that it’s no. You never know! I think she deserves all the happiness, and would be a great Mom.

  5. Anonymous

    Good Lord. Can someone bring up Jennifer Aniston without mention of Brad or Angelina? I mean….it was what???? 7…8 years ago? Brad and Angelina seem happy, they have a family. Doesn’t Aniston deserve to not always be associated with her ex? I mean, she’s not the first Hollywood star to get a divorce. I hope she does whatever she wants to.

  6. Anonymous

    Sounds to me like she’s being very smart here. The full quote seems to say that she’s indicating that she wants to be pregnant (and perhaps they are trying or she already is), but isn’t desperate and if it doesn’t happpen she is at peace with whatever the “plan” is. I took this as whatever way she ends up a mother (pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy). If she had said she’s dying to get pregnant then the press would never leave her alone (not that they do much now anyways!). I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she’s doing fertility treatments or is first trimester pregnant now (these quotes are probably not recent given mags usually do interviews a bit before going to print) – she’s been looking a little fuller in the chest particularly these last couple of weeks.

    She and Justin seem very much in love, so I hope they get the family they desire. And I think she would be adorable pregnant!

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