Mel C On Motherhood & The Trouble With Being Sporty Spice

For Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C, being known as Sporty Spice in the 90s girl band The Spice Girls, came with its pitfalls. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the 37-year-old singer and mom to 2-year-old daughter, Scarlet, says that it was “very tough” being under the constant scrutiny of the media during her “young and impressionable” days, revealing that she suffered from depression and bulimia in that time.

“I found it hard to read about myself,” says Chisholm. “The tabloids were cruel about my appearance, and nothing can prepare you for that. You just have to fight your way through it.”

After being referred to as “gobby” and “masculine” in the press, with some even questioning her sexuality, Chisholm says that she’s in a much better place now; especially after she and beau Thomas Starr welcomed daughter Scarlet in February of 2009. And just as it was in her home growing up, Mel is committed to making music a part of her daughter’s childhood as well.

“When I see Scarlet playing her toy guitar and singing along, it reminds me of my own childhood,” Melanie recalls. “My mum sang in a band and my stepdad played bass. There were always musicians in the house. It was a happy time.”

Mel C recently released her fifth solo album, The Sea, and has hinted about the possibility of a Spice Girl reunion at the 2012 Olympics in London.

“Our last tour was amazing,” says Chisholm. “It rekindled old friendships and made me appreciate the other girls again. The Olympics would be brilliant, but I don’t know the truth. I’d love to do something, but it would have to involve all five of us.”

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  • Giuliana da Matta

    Congrats Mel! You`re so brave and have a beautiful family! 🙂

  • Victoria

    I love Mel C, I grew up on The Spice Girls! When I watched Giving You Everything, I just couldn’t help feeling really sad when she talked about her bulimia and how she never told anyone. Plus she really could hide behind her being really sporty because she was a very athletic girl from a very young age and she was already thin. I’m glad she made it through though.

  • Olivia

    love her!!!

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