Melanie Brown: “Let’s Get The Fat Off”

After giving birth to her daughter Madison in September, Melanie Brown is ready to lose the baby weight. The former Spice Girl, currently in Australia judging The X Factor, told her fans what she’s up to on her Twitter page.

On Tuesday she wrote: “Just ran 5miles that’s 8.8kms on my 7 day training in 10 months after having my baby 4 weeks ago, now come on my peeps let’s get the fat off.”

The day before she said she was taking it slow.

“Only my 7th day of working out in 10 months so taking it easy, building it up bit by bit! (It was a) Lazy workout today, but better than doing nothing!!”

With a busy schedule of being on television and taking care of her daughters Phoenix, 12, Angel, 4, as well as Stephen’s daughter Giselle, 7, there’s no doubt her active lifestyle will help her reach her goal to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape.

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  • Sophia

    That’s not even a good idea, you’re not meant to exercise heavily until 6 weeks post-partum.

    • Victoria

      IDK really know about the exercise thing after pregnancies, I know doctors have a average time frame for things, but maybe it’s different for some women.

      • Sophia

        I guess you’re right, she can probably feel what’s right for her body.

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