Nancy Grace Thought Of Her Twins While Dancing

Objection! author Nancy Grace took Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars theme of “the most memorable year of my life” to heart.

As the 51-year-old contestant danced the waltz with partner Tristan MacManus, she had her eye on two special prizes – her adorable 3-year-old twins John David and Lucy.

Since Nancy and her babies all suffered complications due to their births, the incident isn’t an easy topic for her to discuss.

“I very rarely look back on those times because they were so difficult,” Grace explains to People after dancing to Moon River, which was the first lullaby she ever sang to her children.

It was really touch and go for a long time trying to keep Lucy alive. It went on and on and on. It was months after that when I finally got out of a wheelchair. Even up until about a year ago I still couldn’t walk correctly, much less run the way I used to.”

“It’s only … been the last year and a half I could … walk correctly after the delivery,” the former prosecutor added. “This is a huge, huge stride forward for me. I really owe the dance tonight to Tristan because he knows the twins, and they love him, and he choreographed the entire thing to tell the story. The joyful part is I looked over at them tonight … and it all seems like kind of an odyssey we went through.”

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  • Anon

    I appreciate her passion for justice. HOWEVER, she just sank her own ship with her comments about the Amanda Knox appeal. Not the time, not the place. She stood very little chance of making it this far on DWS- and THAT was only due to her limited likeability and NOT her dancing skills.

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