Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Her Sweetie To School

Mommy and me time!

Both clad in denim, Alessandra Ambrosio and her adorable 3-year-old daughter Anja took a leisurely walk to school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday morning (October 6).

Alessandra will be hitting the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing on CBS on November 29 while another model mom, Miranda Kerr, is featured in the lingerie company’s 2011 holiday campaign.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Mark Ellis Greenwood

    She looks like me. This is America.

  • Mark Ellis Greenwood

    Don’t stress out and keep her comfortable. Talk to her before bed and when she wakes up. If she cries at night comfort her.

    Don’t listen to Kurt Johnson. He has an inferior complex towards me. Noal is a a very good friend as is his family. Noal’s father new my grandfather well. Augor Hole Rd. That is sacred land which I just purchased tonight. Be soft. It is o.k.
    We will figure it out if not at first glance. One thing though I am not a boy toy and family is very important to me regardless of my situation.

  • Mark Ellis Greenwood

    Alessandra it doesn’t matter right now how it happend but never not be a loving mother towards her. You can still be a loving mother as a VS super model. Don’t alienate her. She is your daughter not a stuffed animal. She is human and feels.
    Connect with her as a mother and daughter. For god sakes take care of her. You said you wanted a family of 6 or so. Is this the way to start the type of family you want. Disconected and non loving! It can be much better with or without me. That is your decsion.

  • Mark Ellis Greenwood

    I would dump him. You two are not a match. skisea654

  • Mark Ellis Greenwood

    Adriana needs to start being more of a supermodel or she will fall behind and I don’t think Michael Tunson is interested in that.

    • Anonymous

      Did you forget to take your meds today?

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