Jessica Alba & Cash Warren’s Beautiful Baby

What a cutie pie!

Actress Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren took their two daughters – Honor, 3, and Haven, 8 weeks – out for breakfast in Beverly Hills on Saturday (October 8).

“When Haven was born, I fell in love all over again,” Cash recently said. “It’s the most incredible experience.”

“It was love at first sight,” Jessica added. “It did take a couple of days for it to sink in that I have another baby! We’re incredibly blessed to have two healthy, sweet little munchkins.”

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Photo credit: Flynet/ Media

  • Jay

    Haven has blue eyes and ginger hair!! So cute!!

  • Shirelle

    She is so cute

  • klutzy_girl

    Haven is adorable!

  • Shelly

    She’s so cute! But her eyes look green to me!

  • Liandra

    Haven is so cute! Love red hair + blue eyes combination!!

  • Aileen

    What a cute baby! Love her hair! But her eyes look brownish, not blue.

  • Nina Mike

    This sweet baby has nothing to do with Honor. She is the opposite of her big sister but so adorable too. This is a wonder: how different and how close to each other will be these two beauties. Till the rest of their lifes.

  • Emily

    I don’t think she has blue eyes but I could be wrong. She is a real cutie!! And what a beautiful family. Nice to see 🙂

  • courtney

    Haven is adorable though I usually hate redheads

  • Seeing Red

    Hopefully the paps were using a long lens — otherwise it’s very disturbing to think they came this close to a newborn.

  • Anonymous

    she can’t have blue eyes since none of her parents have blue eyes.
    She looks like Honor at that age with red hair and a lighter skin.

    She’s cute but aren’t all babies cute?

    • r

      You dont’need to have 2 parents with blue eyes to give birth to a blue eyed baby…the answer it’s GENETICS

    • Anonymous

      “she can’t have blue eyes since none of her parents have blue eyes.”

      Wrong. Two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed baby. They would both have to be heterozygous for eye color, since blue is recessive. It is a 25% chance, but very possible for the baby to have blue eyes. However, two BLUE eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed baby. High school biology.

    • Megan

      Actually, it is possible for a baby to have blue eyes even if neither parent has them. It’s recessive trait so it can still be passed down and may skip several generations. It’s certainly not common, but it can happen.

      That being said her eyes look brown to me, but as a photographer I know that the lighting probably plays a huge factor.

    • L.A.

      Of course two parents with dark eyes can have a child with light eyes. But two light eyes parents can’t have a dark eyes kid.

      • Elena

        Yes, even that can happen. Biology and genetics are far more complicated than high school biology. Rather rare, but still possible for two light eyed parents to have a brown eyed child.

        Anyway, I agree Haven is cute but she doesn’t have red hair, I believe it’s only due to the light. I can’t wait to see her in few months/years! I’m sure she’ll grow into a beautiful little lady, just like her mom and sister. 🙂

    • Sujinah

      Note that it is possible for two brown eyed parents to have a blue eyed child if they both carry a recessive blue gene.

      But I agree that she is cute ! ^^

    • Anonymous

      “she can’t have blue eyes since none of her parents have blue eyes.”

      False. You should read a little bit about genetics and recessive genes before making such an ignorant statement.

      In any case, I don’t how anyone can tell what color her eyes are given the lighting and the angle the pictures were taken from.

    • Anna

      She can have blue eyes, even though her parents don’t have blue eyes they can still have the blue eye gene.

    • Anonymous

      I have blue eyes and both my parents have brown eyes.

  • Crystal

    Haven is cute. I never thought she’d be a red head but her hair may become darker or lighter as she gets older. I think her eyes are brown by the way.

  • Litta

    Her eyes look bluish to me, too. And I know brown eyed couples who have blue or green eyed children.

  • Allison

    I’m not sure about Haven’s eye color (they look dark blue to me) but I know that two brown eyed parents can have blue eyed children but two blue eyed parents can not have brown eyed children.

  • Anny

    She’s so cute! Love red heads!!

  • Annabelle

    Maybe Haven has blue eyes. Babies eyes can change color from the time of it’s birth, they can be blue and turn brown later…

  • Sofía Bella

    My husband and I have brown eyes, both our sons have blue.

  • Grasi

    I know a couple that are both blue eyed, they have 4 children: two of which have blue eyes, one have green and one has brown!
    My father has green eyes, my mother brown, my eyes are dark green, my middle brother has grey/blue and my younger brother has brown.

  • Anonymous

    most babies are born with blue and then they change.

  • Anonymous

    most babies are born with blue and then they change.

  • Coby

    She’s a cutie. Love her hair and her eyes can be blue. My husband and I have blue eyes, both our children have brown. He IS the father. LOL

  • julianne

    Eye color is a complex trait. If there is family history of blue eyes, brown/black eyes parents can have blue eyed children.

  • Anne Marie

    I was born with black hair and dark brown eyes, my hair is just sightly lighter than it was at birth but it’s still dark. I also have olive skin. Both of my parents were born with clear water blue eyes and blonde hair. They both still have the blue eyes but there hair is now brown. My younger brother was born with the blue eyes and blonde hair too. Both sets of grandparents have blue eyes. All the great grandparents have blue eyes. From a direct blood link as far back as I can go everyone has blue eyes but me!

    • Rach

      You might want to look into that.

  • Thora

    My husband and I both have blue eyes, our daughter was born with brown eyes and our son was born with blue eyes. My father had blue eyes and my mother had brown eyes and all of the children were born with blue eyes.

  • Perséfone

    Well, I have blue eyes, my husband have green eyes, our two sons have blue eyes but our daughter has brown eyes.Her paternal grandmother is the only other member of our family who had or has brown eyes.

  • Greene

    Haven has blue eyes. Both her parents must be carrying a gene for blue eyes and this may have been manifested in their offspring.

  • Anonymous

    Of course 2 brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed baby, you need to relearn biology 🙂

    Cute baby!

  • Stefani

    she’s okay but not gorgeous and honor isn’t either. I love how they do celeb. They are suppose to have these drop dead gorgeous kids when, the parents really aren’t and the kids just come out looking like their parents. . She has huge head like her father and her sister. I thought Honor would grow into her head but she never did. They just make big headed children.

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with you? Why do people feel the need to disparage the looks of children? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

    • r

      I’m sorry but I totally agree…but I think Haven will be cuter than her sister

  • SMH

    My brother and I both have blue eyes and our parents have brown eyes.

    And most babies are born with blue eyes it’s not until around age 2 that the eye color is for sure. My cousin’s son had beautiful light green eyes that slowly turned brown by the time he was 2.

    Haven looks nothing like Honor!

  • Anonymous

    Does it even matter? I cannot believe the effort all you people are putting into this whole blue/brown thing. Most newborns do not keep the eye color they come out with, especially blue. All newborns have either blue or grey eyes. Then it changes. I doubt Haven will end up with blue eyes and red hair since both her parents are dark and olive skinned. Blue eyes are not far fetched to have but anyone with half a brain knows that newborns change a lot.

  • Wjake

    I think Haven’s eyes are blue, but probably they’ll turn brown. She’s a cute.

  • Jujia

    Haven will be cuter than her sister. Honor is not a cute kid imo

  • Maní

    Her eyes look blue but I doubt Haven will end up with blue eyes.

  • Honey

    They look blue to me. I love her hair!!

  • Anonymous

    Most newborns are born with blue eyes but they darken with age and so will Haven’s. She will have brown eyes like the rest of her family.

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