Guess Who Revealed: Skyler Berman!

It’s Skyler Berman!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman were spotted with their adorable 6-month-old son at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (October 6). The family-of-three were arriving home from Parish Fashion Week.

We just saw Rachel and her sweet boy enjoying a sunny stroll last weekend.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Nina D.

    Rachel Zoe’s son, Skyler. I’ve already seen the pics of them on Zimbio. He’s a cutie.

    • ER

      In future don’t ruin it for others, just put your guess.

      • mia


      • Fernanda

        Eh sorry but there are people who go to other websites to find out which child it is. Sorry but that is just the way it is. Oh and it’s really Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler. You can see more pics on

        • AvaElizabeth

          but others didn’t see the pics yet and want to guess. They (and me, too) don’t want to be spoilered against their will while scrolling down to the comment box. Or when they have a look what other people guess.

          It’s definately not fair, so keep it for yourself, please.

  • Anonymous

    rachel zoe’s baby skyler?

  • Anonymous

    Aleph – Natalie Portman’s kid?

  • gini

    Bear Blu…

  • Anonymous

    Skyler Berman

  • F.A.J

    That is so Rachel Zoe’s son skyler. I already saw those pics on

  • Heart

    Skyelr son rachel zoe.

  • Sophia

    Skyler I guess. Thanks Nina for saying that straight away 😐

  • Talia

    Skyler! Rachel zoes son.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Travolta

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler! Soooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Skyler Berman

  • Anonymous

    the son of Natalie Portman

  • arabella

    Skyler Berman

  • Kristen

    It’s Skyler Beeman in an Orbit Baby stroller!

  • coni

    Skyler, rachael zoe’s baby 😀

  • Anonymous

    Ben Travolta

  • JLM

    Cute little boy, looks like his dad

  • F.A.J

    Such a beautiful baby boy.

  • Anonymous

    Parents who wear sunglasses INSIDE but don’t bother with any eye protection for their baby even outside. Incompetents.

  • Kate O

    “Parish Fashion week”? Lol

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