Hilary Duff Reveals Her Odd Pregnancy Craving

While promoting her newest book Devoted on Good Morning America today, Hilary Duff revealed her odd pregnancy craving.

She said, “When I get something on my mind I want, I want it now, I’m ferocious. I’m always up for Red Hots, which is so weird because I’ve never liked them before. Thank god it isn’t fried and covered in butter.”

It seems the 24-year-old actress, who is 4 months pregnant, really likes to eat candy and sweet treats!

Duff told OK! magazine, “I like chocolate-covered pretzels right now a lot. I’ve always been a pickle girl, but those aren’t really bad for you. There’s a lot of sodium, but at least it’s not fried or fattening. Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad yet.”

At the moment, she’s just getting her home ready for the baby with husband Mike Comrie.

She revealed, “We’re moving, and we put new floors in and everything, and we were going to just leave that room alone and focus on rooms we were going to use more, and then we found out I was pregnant. I was like ‘let’s rework the closet.’ We put a great bathtub in there that will make it really easy to bathe a baby. We haven’t done any design stuff. We have to find out if we’re going to be a boy or a girl before we can come up with colors.”

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