Bethenny Frankel: “I Hope Bryn’s Not So Type A When She Grows Up”

Bethanny Frankel and her beautiful 1-year-old daughter Bryn grace the November cover of Parenting magazine.

The reality show star, who is currently filming the third season of her hit show for Bravo, talks about how parenthood has changed for her and husband Jason Hoppy, how she balances a hectic travel schedule with her personal life, and her advice for tuning out the haters.

On her big wish for Bryn: “I hope Bryn’s not so Type A when she grows up, like I am. I want her to do exactly what she wants, but I hope she doesn’t end up being too complicated.”

On cutting herself a break: “I like to think that I’m doing a good job. I’m there for my daughter almost all the time, as much as I possibly can be…That’s all I really care about.”

On what she’s learned from being Bryn’s mom: “Bryn’s shown me how to be joyful and to be in the moment, and that things can be so pure.”

Visit for exclusive photo outtakes from the shoot and a video interview with Bethenny.

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Photo credit: Lee Clower for Parenting magazine


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  1. Anonymous

    She will be what you & Jason teach her. She’ll learn what she sees every day.

  2. Anonymous

    uhmmm, they couldn´t come up with a better pic for the cover?

  3. Anonymous

    I hope that Bryn doesn’t have Bethenny’s jaw when she grows up.

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