Hilary Duff Thinks She’s Having A Boy

Hilary Duff signed copies of her new book Devoted at Barnes and Noble in New York City on Monday (October 10). Wearing a black and red dress, the pregnant 24-year-old proudly showed off her growing bump. The former Disney star recently told MTV that she and husband Mike Comrie still don’t know the sex of the baby.

She said, “Everyone else says it’s a girl, but I think it’s a boy. I’d be happy with a girl, but my sister’s like, ‘You can’t keep saying that, because then when it’s a girl, everyone’s gonna be like, ‘You really wanted a boy!’ I don’t care what I get, but every time I think about it or dream about it, I see a boy.”

She added, “I can already find out, but I want my mom and my sister to be there, but they’ve both been out of town. When they are both in the same city and we’re all there, then we’ll find out.”

As for names, the couple are still deciding.

She explained, “If we give the baby kind of a unique name, we need to give it a normal middle name in case it hates it and wants to like fit in better and then maybe we just need to go totally traditional. We’re like, ‘How can we be naming it before we even see it?’ There’s so much to think about!”

Carrying the baby makes her feel there’s an alien in her body.

I feel really good. It’s been pretty easy, and I haven’t gotten sick at all, and I don’t have too many cravings. It’s so different. It’s literally like an alien has taken over your body. One day I’ll have a good day, and one day I’ll have a bad day, and it kinda goes like that.”

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  • Julianne

    Cute 🙂
    I cant wait for the baby boy or girl to come. Hoping for a normal/cute name

  • Julianne

    Cute 🙂
    I cant wait for the baby boy or girl to come. Hoping for a normal/cute name

  • Macy

    Hilary looks lovely and glowing. oh yeah mood swings and hormones definitely make you feel jekyll and hyde. I believe in the unconscious very possible she is right and it’s a boy!
    How cute all their family will be there!

  • Shirelle

    I hope it’s a girl

  • klutzy_girl

    Is this going to turn into another Kate Hudson situation where she thinks it’s one sex and then we’re convinced it’s that sex and once she has the baby, it’s the opposite sex?

    I’m going with girl, too!

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