Jessica Simpson: Announcing Pregnancy Soon?

It’s time to make it official!

Rumored mom-to-be Jessica Simpson was photographed arriving at Los Angeles International Airport with her mother Tina Simpson on Monday (October 10). The 31-year-old singer seemed to be sporting a baby bump as she made her way through the busy terminal.

Jess was seen catching a flight to her native Texas on Friday. She made an appearance at a New Orleans Dillard’s to support the Jessica Simpson Collection on Saturday.

The singer/TV personality, who is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, has only fueled pregnancy rumors by remaining mum on the baby bump speculation.

She’s being coy about it because it’s in the early weeks, but yes, the general consensus is that she’s pregnant,” says an insider. “Jessica doesn’t want to make an announcement, but everyone is expecting one any way.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    i guess not saying anything adds to the specultaion and in turn generates publicity. so i guess we will be waiting for an annoucment!!!

  2. Shirelle

    She is defintely pregnant

  3. SiervaMaria

    I wasn’t so sure before but I now think she’s gonna be a momma.

  4. SMH

    It appears so but then again I’ve seen other people with belly’s turn out not to be pregnant. And Jessica’s weight fluctuates….Only time will tell!

  5. Anonymous

    She really looks pregnant. It’s hard to hide with her figure. She has that sort of puffy/bloated look that some of us get in early pregnancy. Her weight fluctuates but she doesn’t look “fat”, she looks preggo.

  6. Anonymous

    I read that she’s gonna do a magazine interview to announce the pregnancy…what do you expect from a Simpson? She’s gonna make $$ for every little thing that she does. Everything is for PR.

  7. Anonymous

    “She’s being coy about it because it’s in the early weeks, but yes, the general consensus is that she’s pregnant”.

    That statement makes no sense. In the first half, she’s definitely pregnant. In the second half, the “consensus” is that she’s pregnant. So which is it, Mr Source???

  8. Anonymous

    Her mom seems to be loving the attention.

  9. Ondine

    This girl will have a total nervous breakdown if the baby’s father refuses to marry her soon. She better start making an adoption plan now.

  10. Anonymous

    Jessica is one saavy business woman…In the word of JayZ “i’m not a businessman…I’m a Business (wo) Man!” Congrats! This kid is just as luck as Giselle & Tom’s kid.

  11. Tara C

    She looks about 5 months along

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