Happy 1st Birthday Gideon & Harper Burtka-Harris!

Name: Gideon Scott & Harper Grace

Date of Birth: October 12, 2010

Parents: Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

Siblings: None


  • Gideon and Harper were carried by a surrogate mother
  • The were born via c-section
  • Proud daddies David and Neil were present in the room as their babies were born
  • Neil tweeted a message for his kiddos on their special day: “Things I dig: our twins Gideon and Harper, who are one year old today! They are glorious. So proud to be their Papa.”
  • While working on the set of The Smurfs, daddy Neil gave his tots Smurf nicknames: “I think Gideon would be Stout Smurf, because he’s all like ‘grrr’. He’s like the tank and Harper’s just like Beautiful Smurf. She’s an eye-batter right now. She’s wanting to hug and smile and get a smile back, so she’s very good at it.”
  • After having some issues with feeding Harper formula, the couple opted to buy donor breastmilk for their daughter

“We were both in the delivery room, it was a c-section so we were able to be on one side with the surrogate. It’s so weird. It’s a remarkable moment and yet you’re so conscious of everything going okay that it’s hard to live in the moment of it all.” – Neil, on the birth of his son & daughter.

“Once we got home it was a bit of a shock. But David, one of his ex-boyfriends had started the surrogacy process with twins of his own [when they met]. So David helped raise two kids – twins as well, actually – for about 2.5 years. He’s not their father, but he helped raise them and we still see them all the time. So he has some good history and some knowledge about diapers and formula.” – Neil, on bringing his babies home.

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Photo credit: Twitter, Flynet, Bauer Griffin

  • Ashley

    Aw, happy birthday to those little cuties! Neil and David seem like awesome daddies!

  • Elena

    Happy B-day to the cuties! 🙂 But, I don’t get it, is only one of them biological parent to the twins or?

    • Mia

      One is biologically Neil’s (I bet Gideon, because he looks just like him) and one is biologically David’s. I’m almost sure they have the same mother, though.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they opted not to find out who is the biological father of one or the other or both. That’s a great idea so that there is no issues later on. I think they seem like amazing parents and the twins are very cute. They obviously love those babies and they are a testament to showing that gay partners can be just as loving and stable as hetero partners as parents. I’m not sure why they didn’t have the surrogate pump her breastmilk for the twins though. I would have assumed that is what they did. If she was willing to be a surrogate and have a c-section, it would seem odd if she refused to pump her milk for a bit (especially considering how uncomfortable it is to have engorged breasts!)

    • Anonymous

      I am sure there is more to it than that she “refused”.

      • Anonymous

        There could be a whole lot of reasons. Some women have trouble producing or maintaining milk, especially if they are only pumping and never actually nurse the babies. Maybe she didn’t live near them, so even if she wanted to do it, the logistics were too difficult.

    • Janna

      I’m always amazed at the speculations people are willing to make. The surrogate refused to pump her milk?!? Ooooookay… I mean, I guess it’s possible, but (a) who cares? and (b) ….. nope, that’s it, just who cares.

    • Anonymus

      There where two ovul so each one has a diferent father

  • Sophia

    Happy birthday cuties! Such adorable babies… those pouts are too cute!

  • Julianne

    Happy birthday to one of the most gorgeous twins in Hollywood

  • Heart

    Happyb-day! To beautiful twins

  • Anonymous

    I have never once seen NPH interact with his little girl. I have never seen him hold her or have anything to do with her. It’s all about the boy for him. Thank goodness David gives that precious girl attention.

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