Justin Bieber Talks Beckhams & Having Babies With Girlfriend Selena Gomez!

He may only be 17-years-old, but as one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Justin Bieber has a lot of clout; even in the households of famous families like the Beckhams.

In an interview with New!, the pop phenom chats about his relationship with David and Victoria Beckham, their children, his thoughts on baby Harper‘s name, and plans for starting his own family by the time he’s 25.

Here’s what Justin had to say…

On the Beckham boys wanting to name the new baby after him:
“I saw that on Victoria’s Twitter and thought it was great. In the end, they ended up naming their daughter after a character in Selena’s show [Wizards of Waverly Place], so maybe they can name their next one after me!”

On meeting the Beckham boys: “Yeah, they were great kids. Selena and myself met them at the Teen Choice Awards and they were really cool. I have said to David that when we are both free I will come and give them a private concert at their house if he gives me some private soccer lessons!

David and the boys are really cool and, even though I don’t know Victoria well, she is really sweet to me. I have sent the boys a few signed gifts, and every time she has always made sure she’s thanked me. They seem [like] a really sweet, genuine family.”

On his plans for marriage with girlfriend, Selena Gomez: “I can’t tell you when, but I don’t want it to be when I’m old. In this industry, people can put things like marriage and kids off until later on, but these are the things that are more important.”

On becoming a dad…sooner rather than later: “I really would love to be a young dad, and even if I have my first kid at 25, that still gives me lots of time to concentrate on my career. Selena loves kids, she is really great with them.

On his traditional values: “I know we are living in a modern world, but there is a nice way to do things. I am very traditional in that sense. I want the wedding and then I want the kids after that.”

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  1. Ashley

    I think it’s great that he wants to be a dad, but the fact that he says he wants to be a YOUNG DAD is going to resonate with his diehard little fangirls. I know he says he wants to be in his twenties, but these girls are going to hear “young dad” and that’s definitely not something he needs to be putting out there, especially with all the young moms out there who aren’t mature enough to take care of themselves, let alone their kids.

    I think it’s awesome that he cares for Selena like that, but a kid his age shouldn’t be thinking about marriage and babies right now.

  2. Ashley

    He’s also saying that EVEN IF he has his kids at 25, he STILL has time to do this or that. Which means he wants kids before then. Kind of scary to be putting that out there. Hope he doesn’t start a trend. We already have enough extremely young parents out there. Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, anyone?

  3. Anonymous

    i HOPE NOT HE HE NEEDS TO BE WITH Dakota Fanning.

  4. Janna

    Let him be. He wants to be a young dad. Nothing wrong with that. He’s not advocating teen pregnancy.

  5. Anonymous

    Haha, it’s adorable that he thinks he’s still going to have a viable career at 25. When your entire fanbase consists of 12-year-old (and younger) girls, your career is over as soon as they grow up (read: get to high school) and realize how embarrassing it is to be a fan of something they liked when they were essentially children.

    • NYC Mommy

      Well the good thing is even if his career is short he made buckets of money. If he invests properly. He can live of those funds for a while. Also each year there is a new group of 12 year olds to appreciate his music. Anyway your comment reminded me of my daughters they LOVED Brittney Spears when they were young but then they reach around 13-14 they were so over her and embarassed to admit they liked her. (They are 16 and 18 now)

      • Anonymous

        After a few years, there are no more cycles of new fans. 12-year-old girls have crushes on 16-year-old boys, but not on 25-year-old men. They are just too old for them. That is how it always works. Plus, he might be able to write catchy songs, but it’s like he has real musical talent. Anyone remember New Kids on The Block? The Backstreet Boys? INSYNC? Tiffany? Debbie Gibson? Any of the “stars” who came out of American Idol? Obviously there are rare exceptions like Justin Timberlake, who it turns out did actually have some talent. But otherwise, the cycle of fame is exactly the same with all of these acts, no matter what decade it is. Bieber will be a has-been within a few years just like they are now. And of course he will be set for life as long as he doesn’t waste all his millions on hookers and blow. But if he thinks he’s still going to be a successful, active musician when he’s 25, he is delusional.

  6. SMH

    Justin Beiber’s thoughts are clouded by puppy love!

    Twenty five isn’t that young and lets face it for him he could manage career and family just fine. But I think when your 17 your perception of the world is different. I thought at 16 that I’d have a money making career, my own house, marriage and kids all by the time I was 30. Well I have only 2 years left to accomplish all of that and so far it’s not looking pretty 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Dakota Fanning is way to good for him and more way more mature than he is.

    He only 5 years older than Brooklyn so I wish he would stop talking about them like he 10 to 15 years older than them.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Kelly Lee

    If I recall correctly, his parents were teenagers when they had him. That’s probably why it’s on his mind to be a young dad. He probably figures since he has a buttload of money and wouldn’t have to struggle and has had a career already, he might as well be a father sooner rather than later.

  10. Anonymous 2

    He’s still very young. I take all he says about “plans for the future” with a grain of salt. He could change his mind a hundred times by the time he gets to 25. Frankly, he will most likely no longer be with Selena. Few people marry their childhood sweetheart. It is cute that he’s thinking in those terms though.

  11. marie

    everybody of course has their own oninion about things, but it doesnt mean that its wrong to thin about that stuff at the age 17, but i mean, yeah it dosnt mean they are going to accomplish all of that the way they think they have planned, because sometimes when someone thinks they have it allfigured out and planned, it never was anyway, but he can date who he wants, and i get the point of when he says he wants to be a dad before hes 30, but when he finds that one and gets married to her, it could be any age, and what i mean by that is, he could 22 as far as i know, or maybe he could be the age of 25, or 22 when he finds her and then has his first kid when hes 25, it can be like that or different, nobody really knows, it can be selena gomez or not, but i really think the some people should stay out of his bussiness

  12. marie

    but i didnt notice anything where he exacally said he was going to have babies with her, he couldve meant anything

  13. kaitlyn

    he soud not wont to be a dad it is bad that she is haveing babby with him

  14. Anonymous

    he should do what ever he wants she just wants to have a babby with him thats all.

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