Kelsey Grammer’s Custody Battle With Ex, Camille Gets Heated

Back to court they go.

After recently being awarded a full week of custody with his children Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, Fraiser alum Kelsey Grammer is hoping for another legal victory, requesting that the judge issue a gag order against his ex-wife, Camille Donatacci.

TMZ reports that Grammer’s actions were fueled by a run-in with the paparazzi in which Camille was asked what activities she enjoys doing with her kids. Rather than answer the question herself, Donatacci urged her 6-year-old son to respond, and Jude replied, “Play.”

Kelsey, not happy at all about the incident, seeks to keep the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star from exposing their children to the media in the future, but friends of Camille are calling foul.

According to sources close to the reality TV starlet, days after Camille’s run-in with TMZ, Grammer had both children in front of a bank of cameras at Boa, a restaurant that’s well known for being swarmed by the paps.

Tell us, is Kelsey Grammer’s request for a gag order protective parenting, or hypocritical?

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He is hypocritical. This is just another way to try to stick it to Camille. These two are not thinking about the damage they are doing to their children with their need to get at each other. Seeing the things that they say in public it is scary to think what they may be saying in private to the children regarding the opposite parent.


He is a hypocrite and a total jerk. I used to like him, first in Cheers and then in Frazier, but I will never watch anything that Kelsey Grammer appears in ever again.


Courts seem to be very biased against biological fathers. Look at Gabriel Aubry. He can’t even see his daughter without a nanny present. It’s really sad to see how they seem to have so few rights when it comes to spending time with their children.


It’s about the Money.. who can afford to continue to fight…


Why do you presume the automatic bias against him. None of us has any idea what may have occurred to have a judge file that order, but there’s no way that it’s standard operating procedure. There’s more to the Gabriel Aubrey / Halle Berry story than meets the eye. I, for one, am glad they mostly keep it to themselves.


Acutally anonymous, not talking about anyone in particular, but courts do favor mothers over fathers.


he’s hypocritical. i personally believe he’s only interested in the children so he doesn’t have to pay child support. I hope Camille is granted full custody of her children.