Two ’16 & Pregnant’ Moms Are Pregnant Again

“One out of four teen moms will have a repeat birth within two years,” warned Teen Mom therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky. Not only is 16 & Pregnant star, Jordan Ward, 18, expecting another baby, costar Kianna Randall, 18, is also pregnant again.

“Jordan’s baby girl is due in November,” a friend tells Life & Style about the married mom of 18-month-old Noah.

Kianna, who is already mom to 11-month-old son Kay’den, is pregnant and facing felony charges for allegedly attempting to break in to a home in Tarrant County, Texas, on August 28. “She’s charged with attempted burglary and two aggravated robberies,” a rep for the District Clerk’s office tells the magazine.

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  1. Anonymous

    I dont know why people are now just talking about Jordan when she announced she was pregnant MONTHS ago..

    Kianna is another story. She just said on twitter that she got a tattoo at her friends house while pregnant. Just a few days ago. And that it was safe cause she got all her other tattoos while pregnant with her first child.

  2. Anonymous

    This is disgusting. This show is revolting, promoting girls having babies when they are barely old enough to drive, vote, or rent an apartment. Most of these children have been removed from these girls’ homes, have they not? I can understand some of them making mistakes and not being aware of pregnancy at such young ages but to go and deliberately get pregnant is terrible. These girls have ruined their live and ruined those kids lives. Where are the parents/support people? These couples are in jail, investigated by child services, leave their kids after a couple years with the grandparents, and are not very educated or decent mothers. Tragic. This show should be boycotted and these girls should not receive ANY media coverage. No wonder teenage girls want to get pregnant if it means they will end up on the cover of US Weekly.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree that the show itself promotes teen pregnancy, but I take your point about the media coverage these girls get seeming glamorous to other teens. No, most of these girls’ children have not been removed from their homes; that is not correct. Most of them do have supportive parents, and I think the majority of them are “decent mothers”. It’s a real struggle for teenagers to raise children. It is happening with or without this show. Let’s not continue to bury our heads in the sand about it.

    • Anonymous

      This doesn’t sound like you watch either of the shows…

  3. Crystal

    No offense to young moms but I think that this 16 & Pregnant show should be canceled.

  4. Anonymous

    As someone who works with girls aged 14-18 I’d just like to say that every girl I’ve worked with who has seen this show has said things along the line of ’16 & pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ make them NOT want to have a baby, because they see how they struggle, they see how hard it is, they see child protection getting involved, they see it’s not smart, how it’s affected the parents’ education etc. I think the show is more a deterrent than a promotion for teen pregnancy.

  5. SMH

    I watch the shows but I agree I think now it’s getting a bit too glorified. We all know these girls get paid for this show and they are not “struggling” like they all claim to be. Want to know whose struggling? …..the hard working parents of america who barely bring home enough money to feed themselves let alone their kids and none of them have a reality show to back up their incomes!! I’m done with them whining all the time about money. They have babies (I don’t) and they still probably walk away with 10x more in an hour then I do!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I think it is ridiculous that people actually believe that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom glorify and promote teen pregnancy…

  7. Anonymous

    These girls are not celebrities. They do not belong on this blog.

  8. dw

    When I was growing up having a baby without being married was a sin. Today its the nomral way of living. It just shows our children(young women) that they shouldn’t respect themselves enough to protect themselves against pregnancy. This show makes them grow up way to fast and the babies suffer for it. I wouldn’t promote teen sex or teen moms. Shameful!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think these shows are to promote teen pregnancy. They are actually helpful because we are able to see how hard it is to be pregnant when teen and it makes us come to senses and see that we should prevent ourselves before regreting. I love this shows and I think all of the moms here deserve respect because they’ve let everyone else see their private life just to make consciouse girls who see their shows.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh no! I don’t want to be mean or anything but i feel sorry for the kids who are stuck with such irresponsible parents!
    I hate how these teen moms are always on covers of celeb magazines, they shouldn’t even be famous…..ridiculous, go have a baby when your sixteen and you can be famous…
    So sad. This show needs to go!

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