Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Kanye West: NYC Shoppers

What fake bump?

Pop superstar Beyoncé was spotted shopping at Intermix with hubby Jay-Z and their good pal, Kanye West, in New York City on Saturday (October 8). The Grammy award-winner recently shot down rumors that she is having her first child with Jay-Z via surrogate.

The web was all abuzz after Beyoncé’s appearance on Australia’s Sunday Night. Skeptics said her stomach appeared to “fold” as she sat down in her chair, leading to an onslaught of bump conspiracies; all of which the singer’s rep has dismissed as “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous 2

    I definitely do not believe they are using a surrogate, but that bump is definitely inflating and deflating. lol Her use of padding doesn’t mean she’s not actually pregnant. I assume she used one when first “debuting” her pregnancy to give the full effect without having to speak a word. Anything there after I assume is just for the sake of “filling out” the clothes. Either way, I agree that teh rumors are silly.

  • Tiffany

    What is the point of saying her belly is false?’s the stupidest sh*t! All of us mothers here can CLEARLY see that she’s pregnant just by looking at her face!! Pregnancy is written all over it..

  • gini

    If she wears a more form fitting shirt/dress her belly is gonna look bigger. Clearly here she is wearing baggier blouse so it looks smaller. Really people it’s not rocket science to figure out. I hope her next interview she just lifts up her shirt to shut people up.

  • Anonymous

    totally unrelated but if i was that cashier in the back I’d probably be star struck and not be able to ring my customers cause I’d be staring at them!

  • mish

    Obviously she’s pregnant…..dress she was wearing wasnt tight fitting due to her current state so of course its a little bigger in the belly area…..when she bent her belly just didnt extend all the way into the dress and IT folded her baby bump was just inches behind it….Ugh really people……I feel sorry for celebrities especially Beyonce…..All these years shes been fighting off pregnancy rumors and now that shes finally pregnant and we should all be happy for her and Jay Z people still have to find something to talk about and speculate…..GET A F***N LIFE!!

  • E R

    Beyonce looks so natural. She’s beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    There were pictures of her and Jay-Z vacationing and she was in a bikini and definitely had a bump…so I don’t understand what people don’t understand about that lol

  • Anonymous

    As anyone who’d actually BEEN PREGNANT knows, some days you’re bigger then others…. depends how the baby’s positioned, your bump can go from small to “whoa” in just a few hours and back down again.

  • Lioness

    Sorry, but I’m gonna disagree with all of you… yes, I do believe Beyonce is pregnant, and YES, I DO believe she wears a fake bump. When she debuted her bump on MTV, she was like 9 weeks or so, and her bump looked more like 4 months. The bump folded in the interview- which folded the dress. I think she’s wearing one for publicity. It’s none of my business, of course, but we’re discussing it- and I say definitely yes, it’s a fake bump.

    • Victoria

      Lioness I don’t know what to think anymore but I do think that all these silly little excuses given by some of these women of being small one day and big the next is funny. The baby is getting bigger not smaller.

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