Gloria Estefan Touts Her Daughter’s Talents

It comes as no surprise that the Queen of Latin Pop’s children have some of their mother’s musical talent, but Gloria Estefan admits that she still finds herself being blown away by her 16-year-old daughter Emily‘s capabilities.

“She’s an amazing musician. I sit in awe of her quite honestly,” Estefan, 54, tells PARADE.

“She gets on the drums and then she grabs the guitar, and now she’s programming all this music,” the Conga singer gushes.

When it comes to her vocal chops, Estefan says that Emily is more reserved, but not because she lacks the talent.

“She’s got a beautiful voice,” says the proud mama. “She sounds actually like me — even in her speaking voice. She’s kind of like a clone! But I guess she doesn’t want to touch that, but I understand.”

So will Emily soon be following in her mother’s famous footsteps and releasing an album of her own?

“Maybe one day she’ll venture out a little into singing. I don’t want to push her,” Gloria tells the magazine. “I just want her to be happy and decide what she wants to do. But she’s a total musician.”

Like mother, like daughter!

Gloria Estefan and husband, Emilio, have been married for 33 years. The musical duo are also parents to son, Nayib, who’s 31.

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  • Anonymous

    Queen of Latin Pop? I’ve only heard a few people in the US say that, but in Latin America she’s absolutely not seen as such, not even close. I wonder if her label is pushing this title.

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