Katie Price: “What Have I Done With Princess That’s So Wrong?”

Katie Price says she does not set a bad example to her kids, Harvey, 9, Junior, 6, and Princess Tiaamii, 4. The 33-year-old buxom mom insists she’s done nothing wrong.

She tells the Daily Mail, “To people who accuse me of in any way contributing to the over-sexualization of kids, I say, ‘What I have I done, sexually or otherwise?’ I don’t sleep around and I love being in relationships – I’m not interested in dating loads of guys or having one-night stands. And what I have done with Princess that’s so wrong? What have I done generally?”

Price, otherwise known as Jordan, got to address students at the Oxford Union on Wednesday. She defended her choice of being a former glamour model.

She revealed, “My nan was a topless mermaid and people used to pay money to look through and see her. So if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.”

When asked about the time when comedian Frankie Boyle made a joke over Harvey, who is autistic and has septo-optic dysplasia, she described him as a “disgusting man”.

She added, ‘I won’t have anyone saying anything bad about my children, and not just that, anyone who knocks anyone with a disability.”

Price later told the students that they could do anything they put their mind to.

She said, “There’s no excuse for people to just get pregnant and stay at home. If you really want to do something and put your mind to it, it’s feasible.”

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  • Anonymous

    I think naming her daughter PRINCESS was probably the first thing she did wrong….

    • gini

      LOL so true

    • Nina Mike

      😀 That was good.

  • Anonymous

    For starters, she named her daughter Princess. Second, she’s horribly orange with all that fake tan stuff….um what else….anyone?

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly, Anonymous!!

  • Danielle

    She straightens her daughters hair. Clearly Katie has insecurities and shes probably passing them on to her kids.

    • Janna

      I really don’t know anything about this woman, but as far as straightening her daughter’s hair, is it that bad?

      I have, on ocassion, straightened my daughter’s hair. I don’t look at it as being any different than ocassionally putting it in pigtails, curlers, french braids, or spray painting it green on Halloween.

  • arabella

    She also put make up and fake eyelashes on princess.

  • k

    I think you only have to look at the way Katie Price dresses to see what she is doing wrong. The way she dresses to advertise something are pictures I would never want my children to see me dressed like.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so what exactly does she mean about no excuse to “just get pregnant and stay at home?” That your life is worthless if you do? Some of us have the option to stay home with our kids, and in my case, my daughter has a disability, and caring for her is no piece of cake. It is a full time job, no less full-time than a working mother. Who’s to say that staying at home isn’t a valuable job in itself? I’m so tired of the judgment thrown towards mothers if they are at home or work, everyone has a different situation and do the best they can. There’s no need to belittle stay at home moms Katie.

    • Anonymous

      If you read her statement again she says that having children shouldn’t stop someone from doing something they really want to do. In her case being a glamour model (whatever floats your boat). She wasn’t bashing stay at home moms my dear. She was saying don’t use kids as an excuse or a reason to not pursue your dreams.

  • Sophia

    I think perhaps some choices Katie makes might be a little tacky, and I can’t say I necessarily approve of straightening a toddler’s hair or putting make-up on her, but I think that generally, when it comes to her kids, Katie is doing a good job. Obviously I don’t know here and my opinion is just based on snippets, but particularly after I watched a show about her and Harvey, I really felt the love and absolute dedication she has for her children, and I respect her for that.

  • Anonymous

    You have done pretty much everything wrong, Katie.
    ‘I’m not interested in dating loads of guys’….. this is laughable.
    I feel for Princess, she’s going to be so self-concious when she’s older. Especially if/when she finds out her mother said she looked like a ‘troll’ after she straightened her hair. What kind of mother says that?!

  • Julianne

    u kidding? The name, the make up .

  • Anonymous 2

    I know nothing of her so I have no comment other than her daughter is adorable.

  • Former KP fan

    Ummm you do get around babe. Matt peacock, that gladiator she was engaged to, Dane bowers, Dwight Yorke, that blonde rich kid before she married Peter Andre, Andre Pinto(her one night stand), Alex Reid, Leandro Penna, Danny Cipirani, and not to mention that model Anthony or the ones we don’t know of. I mean I dont know her so I can’t knock her jollies but she should totally stop lying constantly saying she can count on one hand and oh I don’t sleep around when it’s clear that she does. Admit it you get around but your brilliant at making money & ps we all know you really do want P Andre back so you mind as well admit that too! 🙂

  • jacquie109

    Some years ago I watched her show with her husband pete? peter? anyway, I think she’s a great mom, she takes care of them, loves them, and is completely involved with their lives. Does she make some mistakes? yes but WE ALL DO as parents, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. She’s a little outlandish for my taste with all the fake but its her life and her body, if you don’t like it turn your head (I promise you’re not too good to do it) at least she’s not dumping her children off on some nanny or beating them.

    • Anonymous

      well said there is no such thing as a perfect mum i think she is fab and does everything she can for her kids you can tell how much they idolise her on her show!

  • Anonymous

    i think shes a fab mum and princess is gorgeous she has done nothing wrong cpmmon how many of you call you daughter ‘princess’ just because she has made it official i think shes amazing and princess,harvey and junior will be so proud of her when there older and realise everything she has done/fought for her children there all beautiful:)

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