Noel Gallagher’s Son Is Not A Fan Of Dad’s Guitar Playing

Most kids don’t like the music their parents listen to, but how about when they don’t like the music you play? Noel Gallagher says his four-year-old son Donovan – his child with wife Sara MacDonald – is not a fan of his guitar playing and makes his feelings very clear.

“Unfortunately my eldest lad has developed a habit of finding me wherever I am in the house. I could be inside a wardrobe just getting five minutes, and he’ll find me. He’ll just open the wardrobe door. He doesn’t say anything, he’ll just put his hands over the strings. So that’s it,” the former Oasis frontman laughs.

Noel – who has another child, 12-month-old Sonny, with Sara, and an 11-year-old daughter Anais with his ex-wife Meg Matthews – jokes that he has a plan for getting revenge on his son when he’s older.

“…I’ll remember this when I’m writing my will out. He’ll find out when they’re reading out the will and ‘to Donovan…’ He’ll say, ‘He’s left me this guitar.’ It would be ironic wouldn’t it?”

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  • Isobel

    Noel is way better musician then Liam. And I love Sonny’s name.

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