Bill & Giuliana Rancic Remain Hopeful During 3rd IVF Attempt

After taking a year off of fertility treatments to focus on their relationship, reality stars Bill and Giuliana Rancic are more determined than ever to become parents. Now in the middle of their third attempt at IVF, the couple remains hopeful that they’ll have the family they’ve always dreamed of — by any means necessary.

“We’re not opposed to adoption, but at this point we’re going down the IVF path,” Bill, 40, tells Us Weekly.

The couple suffered an emotional miscarriage in 2010 after their first IVF treatment, but for the E! News host, the fact that she was able to get pregnant at all keeps her optimistic.

If [our doctor says] after this cycle, ‘I don’t think this is going to happen for you naturally. You’re going to have to look at more options,’ then we will,” says Giuliana. “But if someone is telling you, ‘I can get you pregnant,’ then we’re trying it.”

Both Bill and Giuliana have said that they’re open to adoption and surrogacy if they’re unable to have a child on their own, but one thing the couple has yet to decide on is the number of children they want.

“I love kids. I want a big family,” says Giuliana. “I want two boys and two girls.”

Bill, however, would prefer stopping at two, telling Us, “I don’t want to be working until I’m 80 putting these kids through college!”

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope it works this time. What a cute couple.

  2. Anonymous

    Yawn. Do we have to hear about this every time? What’s next? Other couples giving interviews that they had sex last night?

  3. SarahC

    I hope that the third treatment works! They’re so adorable together and would make awesome parents!

  4. Anonymous

    I know someone who did IVF FOUR times before it worked…and on their fourth attempt they got boy/girl twins. Never give up!!

  5. suzan

    I hope this time works out! like they say: third time is a charm!

    Good luck!

  6. Anonymous

    Good luck to the Rancics. They use the same doctor as my wife and I. In addition to patient hopefulness, keeping one’s sense of humor is very important in the fertility journey. In this spirit, I created the following humor video about “What I learned at the Fertility Clinic”.

  7. Anonymous

    Good luck to them. I really feel sympathy for any couple who wants biological children so badly and continually faces defeat. I hope that this time is the charm and that she not only conceives but it able to carry the baby. That being said, I think her years and years of starving herself and being emaciated (despite the denials) has undoubtedly contributed to her fertility problems. Low body weight, bad eating habits, all cause an irregular cycle. It may be pointless for her to gain weight at this point because the damage is done but I think she should at least try. I saw be the host for some big pageant recently and was SHOCKED by how gaunt she looked. It was frightening. She can deny she is too thin or that it’s her “metabolism” all she wants but you can tell by the over-muscling and definition on her body that she also works out possibly too much. Regardless, they seem like nice people and I do hope that they can make it happen.

  8. Kharol

    Am Ugandan! you don’t know how much i love you guys and how soo….much i follow your show it’s such an amazing show- emotional at the same time. Am always praying for you guys and i believe Gog will make it work work for you. Its been such a rollercoaster for you but all you need is to stand in faith and yap all will be well

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