More Kids For The Duggar Family?

Who says there’s such thing as “too many” kids?! Definitely not Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

With a family that’s already almost 7 times larger than that of the average American household, the 19 Kids and Counting stars say that they’d “love” to add more to their brood; if it’s possible.

“We would love more, but, of course, I’m 45, so we don’t know if that will ever happen again,” Michelle tells The Huffington Post‘s Rob Shuter.

Admitting that there are times when she looks back at her children piled into their mini bus and thinks, “Whoa, that’s a lot of people,” whether they have baby number 20 (or 21, or 22) or not, Michelle and Jim Bob are still committed to showing others that “children are a gift from God and a blessing.”

We encourage people: Enjoy your children. They grow up really fast and the time you have with them will be so short,” says Michelle. “So, have fun and just really focus in on the joy of being a parent.”

The Duggar family — including their newest addition, grandson Michael — is back for another season of their hit reality show.

19 Kids and Counting airs Tuesdays at 9|8c on TLC.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am just wondering how much you can enjoy each child, and be a great parent to each child when you’ve got 19 of them. I find this couple to be selfish. I am all for having children … but why so many? Is it fair to the children?

    • Anonymous

      They’re probably no worse off than couples that have kids then dropped them at a day care for 12 hours a day.

      • Grace

        I disagree. In a daycare center the children are being taken care of by qualified adults. In the case of the Duggars, they don’t raise their children, they make the younger children do it and if you watch the show you’ll see that the younger children are barely being taught anything (they struggle to put together a coherent sentence) and they spent most of the time running wild, hurling themselves down stairs and getting injured. Daycare would be a much better environment. And I know very few people who drop their children off at daycare for 12 hours. I think 9 or 10 hours is a much better estimate.

        • Anonymous

          The original comment was “how much you can enjoy each child, and be a great parent to each child when you’ve got 19 of them”, referencing how much time each kid got with the parent. So your comments makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. You’re not being a great parent to your child while it’s in daycare, the daycare workers are.

          I agree with the other Anonymous. These kids are no worse off than kids that are dumped in daycare for 12 hours a day (or 9 or 10 hours if that makes you feel better).

          • Grace

            Did you even read my comment before you started criticizing it? I clearly stated in my comment that the older kids are raising the younger kids, hence the parents are NOT spending much time with their kids.

      • Anonymous

        yes, I agree. I believe it is no difference when children are in daycare. They don’t spend time with their child when they drop them off with some stranger they don’t even know. They should spend with them as much as can. Children are God’s gift and not ours…. They are precious and God gave them to us to teach his way to them. So we need to correct them and show them the right ways. So they can be well-behaved. Sometimes there will be times when they may misbehave. No family with children are perfect. I have a family of eleven so I know.17

      • Anonymous

        so no one should have kids unless they’re independently wealthy and can afford to stay home and spend every minute with them? or what, go on welfare? you are what makes this country suck.

  2. Janna

    This not even article-worthy. They have always said they would have “as many as God allowed”. So, nothing’s changed.

    Does CBS just post these articles to get people riled up?

  3. arabella

    Yeah the children have to sign a paper. to spend an hour with their parents. I also think the parents are selfish.

  4. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the children, they obviously won’t be getting the same amount of attention from their parents as a child of an ‘average American household’ would.

    I don’t understand it though. Are they not satisfied with the NINETEEN children they already have?
    Plus their most recent child was very ill so it would be silly to risk that possibility again (I don’t know the full story as I don’t watch the show but that’s what I’ve gathered from articles and such).

  5. Europa

    Their twisted views about reproducing until your body gives out because of age is beyond creepy. CBS should do us a favor and pretend they don’t exist!

  6. Anonymous

    as long as they keep getting the attention they’ll keep popping them out…..’god’ has given them enough of a hint with their last child, they need to take it and end the circus show.

  7. Anonymous

    I was really convinced that they’d performed an emergency hysterectomy on her after the last one, because of all the complications. Actually, I’m still convinced. God help those poor children that they can see through their parents’ lunacy.

  8. Anonymous

    That’s bible humper’s for you. They don’t believe in contraception and its sickening!

    • Anonymous

      The sad thing is that they had the last two or three children with help – IVF or something; I don’t watch the show, but I remember reading something like that. So in a way they believe in “God” doing this or that, but then they won’t accept his verdict that 16 is enough and go extra lengths by using modern medicine to keep reproducing. I find their behaviour hypocritical and revolting for so many reasons.

      • Anonymous

        seriously?! you stated ,”The sad thing is that they had the last two or three children with help – IVF or something; I don’t watch the show, but I remember reading something like that.” why would you even post something so mean and hurtful without going and do some research? They haven’t had any “help” but seriously what does it matter if they did? God made people to have the intelligence to help people reproduce that can’t naturally, wether it be your one and only or your 20th. I find YOUR behavior more “hypocritical and revolting” by spreading unthruths. Maybe you should watch the show and see how they have raised condiserate, kind and productive children.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely… Their children are so considerate and intelligent… I don’t know why anyone would condem them? They pay wonderful attention to their children… But anywho, I have four children and want more so is there a number when a family should stop? I say when you can afford them without welfare assistance and care and love each one and balance your time etc, why not have more? Intelligent, Od fearing people have to have enough children to hopefully balance the ignorance that is growing with every child that is born to uneducated, pathetic people like some of the people posting ^^^^…. Just my opinion 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Well, it’s their decision, I don’t really care.

  10. Hannah.J

    I hope they have one more they are such a loving and caring family.

  11. AnnieMouse

    I’d rather see them have forty children that are well behaved, fed, clothed, and from what I can tell regular happy kids than like my neighbors that have two children that they can’t afford to feed or clothe properly and that are both super-brats who seem to be more of an inconvenience than welcomed parts of the family. I personally would never EVER want that many children, but not my home not really my business!

    • Grace

      It fascinates me how every time someone expresses disagreement with anything the Duggars do people always jump in and say how well behaved the kids are. They are not well behaved. If you watch a few episodes you will see how they are running wild – in their own home, in other people’s homes, when they go in public. The older children seem to have some manners, but the younger ones are almost completely lacking in them, and they are borderline illiterate. And if you really believe that all of their children are treated as “welcomed parts of the family” then you should watch a few episodes and really pay attention to the way half the younger boys, as well as several of the younger girls (especially Jordyn) are almost totally ignored.

  12. Anonymous

    “19 Kids and Counting”? It should be called “19 Kid’s and Heck No, No More Nookie for you Jim Bob, this Baby Factory is Closed”

  13. Sujinah

    This is sickening and very disturbing. I do agree that the kids are so not well behaved, and I don’t watch the show often but those few I watched, I never saw these kids learning anything. I don’t believe in God, but I am sick and tired of seeing people using its name in order to justify their actions. And wasn’t the last one a lesson? Can’t they see that having more kids is becoming more and more dangerous? What if the next one dies?

    But anyway, I do agree with most people, if they can’t take care of 19 kids, why bother have more? It’s just wrong and dumb. The planet doesn’t need more humans. Especially if some of them can’t even speak properly at the age of 5 or can’t read properly at the age of 10.

  14. Ayla Stewart

    I adore the Duggars, they are so inspiring! I have three children, all planned, and just found out that I am pregnant with number four (not planned and while on birth control). I was feeling upset and a little lost (and a lot morning sick) when I turned on the Duggars and felt so happy and uplifted! They are such a wonderful example of a loving family who spend time together and treat each other with respect. It reminds me to keep my chin up and enjoy my children, they grow up so fast.

    Sure each Duggar child may not get as much attention from each parent then they would in a smaller family but they have so many loving brothers and sisters to play with! They are never lonely, never in need for love, that’s for sure. And Jim Bob and Michelle always have a smile on their face and a kind word. I just love them! They do a better job with their children then just about anyone I know. I love letting my boys watch their show because I know they are going to see a happy, healthy, functioning family who care deeply about each other and what better role models? Go Duggars!

    • Anonymous

      I’m the oldest of six children, and when we were growing up, all of us looked after each other. That is what families do. The Duggars are no different and I see no illiterate children or running wild in their home or public places. They are just children for goodness sakes! People who are always accusing them of stupid things are just that themselves. Stupid and jealous! All the children are talented, loving and smart and they ALL help others when ever they can. More families should do just that. I adore the family and watch all episodes. If they bother you that much, then move on to something you get into. I agree with this poster that this is a happy, healthy and loving functional family. If you don’t live with them or interact with them on a daily basis, then most of you need to be quite. You really don’t know anything and most are making crap up.

  15. SMH

    I watch the show and have for awhile.

    I disagree that the parents are not there for the kids. They seem to be very loving to each individual child and all the kids seem very happy. Unlike the Goesslin’s you rarely see a temper tantrum, name calling, nit picking, high pitched screaming, etc. They’re very well behaved. Who knows maybe it’s all for tv but to me none of them look like they’re left out.

    I do think that they are a bit hypocritcal on their views of life. For instance Michelle Duggar grew up a cheerleader but her kids are not allowed to dance or listen to the radio. They believe dancing leads to people looking at them in an inappropriate manner. That’s why when they go swimming they do not wear bathing suits. They believe that their bodies should only be viewed by the person they will spend the rest of their lives with together. Not that there is anything wrong with it but how can you grow up in a somewhat normal lifestyle hanging with friends, going to public school, cheerleading then turn around and tell your kids that this is wrong in the eyes of the lord?!

    I think they are blessed to have 19 and they should hold onto those blessings. They got very luck with Josie who is to say the next time they wont. Michelle Duggar could die having a child and where would that leave the other children?? Is it worth the risk??
    There was a time they used birth control and had a miscarriage and they believe it was a sign from the lord telling them that children are a blessing and they should be wanted and not prevented. Well someone created a person, that person created birth control, I think if I was the Duggars I’d not step in the way of God’s creation bc I believe it was put into place for a reason! Not everyone should procreate and that makes birth control a blessing too!

  16. Anonymous

    I’m always so confused by the idea that birth control is “unnatural” and a force of modern science, but once the child is here, medical technology to keep them alive is completely okay? If God had actually had it his way, their last child wouldn’t be here. Not saying that they shouldn’t have done all they could to save her, just that I think they are hypocritical for spouting that nonsense. Then again, they are hypocritical in a lot of ways. For instance, they don’t let their kids watch TV but will put them on television for everyone to judge? The children aren’t well behaved, can’t speak well, and are always split into “older” and “younger” groups. The younger children are out of control, and the older children seem so submissive it makes me sad. Since she home schools, she splits them into two levels. Each one learns exactly the same thing. So you have an eight year old working on kindergarten homework. It’s absurd. I feel so bad for these children. The only socializing they do is either with their own siblings or with one other family that lives several hours away. How can you be a functioning and well-adjusted member of society if you have no idea how to interact with anyone outside your own gene pool?

  17. Anonymous

    I am impressed with the amount of love the Duggar family has for the other members of the family. Unlike many children who think the world revolves around them, the Duggars learn what it to care and be responsible for other members of the family. Are the children less educated? Probably compared to kids that spend hours in front of the tv or have every minute of the day planned. The younger kids “running wild” are kids being kids. Everyone appears to be happy and say they would not want their life any other way. Maybe that comes from having the heart of a servant to the family and to others.

  18. Anonymous

    Come On!!!!! People! Why do you have to be so mean!!!
    The reason why the duggars have so many children is because They Dont take Birth Control!! Maybe some of you should try it some time????
    The Duggars love each child equally, they take care of EACH OTHER!!
    I Think That this is waht GOD wanted us to do!
    I for one are going to have LOADS of Children when i Get marryed and I dont care what anyone says about it! I want what GOD wants!

    • MaryJ

      The children are not there to take care of each other. That is the job of the parents, plain and simple. If you cannot take care of all your children without relying on your other children to take care of them, you should NOT be having that many. Robbing your kids of their childhood in order to make them help with your personal decisions is selfish. This world is a cruel place at times; children should be allowed to be children for as long as possible.

      As for your future plans, that is your right as a human being. But remember: these kinds of views are far too often treated as an a la carte menu. Things really are far more black and white than people treat them. If God chooses to put your child on this earth, that is a wonderful blessing. However, if He decides to bring that child home, too often we as mere mortals intervene in order to spare OURSELVES pain and suffering, and that, in my eyes, is far more of a slap in the face to God and His plans than anything else.

    • Anonymous

      Okay in that case the hospital needs to reserve a hospital bed for this breeder. 😀

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