Kendra Wilkinson On Explaining Her Troubled Past To Son Hank, Jr.

She may blush talking about “anything past the word sex,” but Kendra Wilkinson has no qualms about explaining her Playboy past and teen drug abuse to son Hank Baskett, Jr. — when the time is right, of course.

For the former Girl Next Door, being open and honest about her experiences with Hank Jr., now 20 months, is her way of preparing her son for things that he’s likely to deal with in the future.

“The drugs that I went through and Playboy — it’s all stuff that he’s going to face on his own anyway, so why not talk about it and beat everybody to the punch,” Wilkinson tells

“I want him to learn about it before everyone else teaches him about it in the wrong way,” she explains. “I’m that type of person and I think it’s better to talk than not to in this day and age.”

That’s not to say that it won’t be a difficult conversation….

Despite her willingness to discuss her sex life with hubby Hank Baskett, Wilkinson says that she’s “more conservative than people think.”

“To tell you the truth, whenever I used to pose for Playboy I used to get so scared and I used to cover up and I’d be like ‘hurry up!'” the Being Kendra author reveals. “I was very proud, but at the same time I never got used to being naked. I never did and I will never do it again.”

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  • mia

    Yeah, right…

  • Anonymous

    “Before someone teaches him the wrong way.” The truth is the truth and this person has a lot to answer for. However, if she raises her son in what she sees as normal, he might not care about his mother’s horrible past.

  • Anon

    Just wish CBS would get the name right! How difficult is that? The child is Hank Randall Baskett IV NOT Hank Jr.!

  • Anonymous

    she is right. she should talk to her son b4 he hears it from others. everybody has a past. that doesn’t mean she is a bad person.

  • sarah

    kendra u r the best,u r blessed n ur my #1 fun! just mek u leav ur lyf rit.

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