Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Get Set To Debut ‘Dem Babies’!

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After almost six months, new parents Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are finally ready to give the world a glimpse of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe during an exclusive 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters on Friday, October 21st!

“Tune in to the exclusive 20/20 interview with Mariah, Nick & #DemBabies for the first time!” the Grammy-winning mama tweeted on Saturday (October 15).

So far, the power couple has only shown fans a picture of daughter Monroe’s tiny little hand and her diva-like behavior at 7 1/2 weeks.

Soon, the wait will be over!

Will you be watching 20/20 this Friday at 10|9c to see Nick and Mariah’s twins?

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Photo credit: ABC

  • Beth

    Wow she shows up on 20/20 but not the X Factor! As Simon Cowell mentor!
    Cute babies.

    • Anomaly

      Um yeah, because of a hurricane.

    • Anonymous

      You can tell a baby is cute by seeing the side of its head? That’s a pretty amazing talent!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much they were paid to finally show off their babies…I don’t think anybody was in a hurry to see them anyway..

    • Anonymous

      well I am =P

      • Anonymous 2

        Me too!

  • Aubree

    Why does everyone have to hate on people? They are 2 innocent kids, my god. If you don’t care to see them, don’t watch. Its as simple as that. People who are fans of hers, or who are simply just curious will be watching. Everyone is so eager to point out someones flaws, or pass judgment. Look in the mirror. When you’re perfect then talk shit. Until then keep your mouth shut.

    • unknow

      Well said !! =)

  • Anonymous

    @Beth said cute babies – where do you see 2 babies? I see a pic of the side on one’s head.

    • unknow

      maybe because they are twins and if one is cute the other is cute too lol they seems..but we dont even see the faces yet…so we dont know if they are or not cute..anyway…

  • Anonymous

    No one is perfect

  • courtney

    Mariah & Nick were smart to do it this way because they both trust and admire Barbara Walters and know that she won’t ask two bit questions like a magazine reporter would. can’t wait to see the interview and by the way Roc n Roe didn’t ask to be born of Famous parnets

  • Shirelle

    Finally I thought she would have sold the pictures to people magazine by know.

  • Anonymous34

    Please she couldn’t get sell her nude photos to People magazine but she sold them 20/20.

  • SMH

    I like that she’s debuting them on tv and not in a magazine. A lot of tv shows don’t pay for interviews so I wonder if they did this for free or got paid.

    I’m interested in seeing them and I’m surprised we haven’t seen them yet but I like that they kept the babies under close doors for awhile.

    I do look forward to seeing Natalie Portman’s son but knowing her we’ll never see him until he’s like five lol.

  • Anonymous

    I bet she wont let the cameras show the babies faces. just the profile and the parents talking about them.

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