Jessica Alba & Family: Party In The Park

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren spent a beautiful afternoon in the park with daughters Honor Marie and Haven Garner in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (October 16).

The family was attending a friend’s birthday party. Jessica kept little Haven close to her while Cash played football and tried to keep up with Honor.

It’s been a busy weekend for the Spy Kids actress and her family; on Saturday they were all spotted getting into the Halloween spirit at a local pumpkin patch.

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Photo credit: GSI Media, Fame

  • SARA

    I LOVE this family!!! OMG that baby is so cute….they are honestly the most precious family. So good looking and perfect. i’m jealous!!!!!

    and Jess is SEXY!!!

  • Megan

    Wow…look at Haven’s light hair. She’s gorgeous. They all look so happy. I love Honor’s little smile while look back and pointing.

  • Shirelle

    Haven is so cute! Jessica looks so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Haven is a doll and she got that red hair from her Danish grandmother. Jessica is a great mom.

  • Anonymous

    Haven is a doll and she got that red hair from her Danish grandmother. Jessica is a great mom.

  • Emily

    sooooo cute!

  • Anonymous 2

    Jessica looks really young. I mean, she IS young, but she looks younger. Like teens to early twenties. Good for her!

  • Anonymous

    Cute family.

  • Anonymous

    Love the cute little shorts Honor is wearing !!

  • Anonymous

    Is this a set-up?
    I’m sick and tired of this family photos.
    Haven looks just like Jessica, but whiter! Multi-racial offspring!

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s a set up, not a day goes by without new photographs wherever they are. Her publicist must be working over time!

  • Anonymous

    Her husband is biracial( his mom is black/dad is white). Jessica is Hispanic and white.

    • Anonymous

      NO! Cash’s mother is white, and his father is black actor Michael Warren (Hill Street Blues,etc.). Google him, and you’ll see that Cash looks just like his father, facially.

  • Honey

    Haven has light eyes and ginger hair!! So cute!!

  • Victoria

    I know people keep saying this baby has red hair, I don’t see it though. But anyway, she’s still really small doesn’t mean her hair color/texture, skin color, or facial features won’t change, or it couls stay the same, you never know.

  • Anonymous34

    Cash Warren dad is black not his mom, his father is Michael Warren an actor.

  • Anonymous

    Cash’s father is black. He is Michael Warren from the classic ‘Hill Street Blues’

  • Crystal

    For some reason I don’t see blue eyes most people say they see in Haven. Her eyes look dark brown to me. Anyway, this family is beautiful. Love seeing pix of them.

  • Anonymous

    Cute baby. But what is this emphasis about het having “light hair” wopeedoo jeez you can be cute with dark hair too. I hate this standard light babies with blue eyes are cute (even if they are not) just coz they have coloured eyes and hsir. Some people are so ignorant and disturbing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s really kind of creepy how much subtle racism there is inherent in those comments.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica is half Danish and half Mexican.

    • Anonymous

      NO! Jessica is 100% Ameriacan! Danish & Mexican are NATIONALITIES not ethnicities! A black or asian person can also be Danish, Greek, British, Brazilian, American, etc. IF they were born in Denmark, Greece, UK, Brazil, America, etc.! Far too many people seem to confuse ethnicities with nationalities. Unless you were born smack dab down the middle of two nations borders,….. you can’t have multi nationalities. You are the nationality of the nation in which you were born. And yes…… that even means that if your parents are born Italians, and you were born outside of Italy, you are the nationality of THAT nation, not Italy.

      • Kurt

        Danish is also an ethnicity. It’s not equivalent to British, it’s equivalent to English.
        However, there seem to be some absurd idiots who like to write that Jessica’s mother is Danish in all the discussions about Jessica’s kids. She is NOT Danish, neither in the ethnic nor in the national sense. She’s half French Canadian, and she has SOME Danish ancestry from her dad. that doesn’t make her Danish. You could just as well call her French.

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