Paula Deen Introduces Grandson Henry

Celebrity chef Paula Deen will be introducing her new grandson Henry on the Rachael Ray Show today (October 17).

The proud grandma revealed that she was there for his birth. “I wanted to share with y’all one of the sweetest things that I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.”

She added: “When Henry was born a couple of months ago, Michelle, my stepdaughter—my daughter. There’s no step to it—gave me the most unselfish gift I’ve ever been given. She had me with her. When Henry took his first breath, I was standing over the doctor’s shoulder. I couldn’t hardly talk to anybody for at least three days because I was still so emotional over this experience. While I had given birth to two, I didn’t see none of it. Back then they knocked yo’ butt clean out! So it was just like I said: the most unselfish gift I’ve ever been given.”

The 64-year-old Southern Belle was recently named the hottest female TV chef by Maxim.

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Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show


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  1. Heather

    Awe what a little cutie!! Love his little outfit!

  2. Anonymous

    He is so adorable. He looks like a very happy baby.

  3. Anonymous

    she has some crazy eyes…..that image could keep me up at night

  4. Marilynn Pierce

    Precious…love seeing the entire family…not just Jamey and Bobby although I love them to death. Would be nice to see a hugh family gathering with all of Michael’s children and Paula’s children and grandchildren at one time so we could put faces to the names.

    Miss the down home flavor of the old shows, but love the sophisticated look of the new shows.

  5. jann julian

    I also would like to see the whole family (both her and Micheals) together. She’s my favorite daily show, I watch religiously, and she makes me proud of my southern heritage. If I only watch one show a day its hers.

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