Seal: “I Look At My Wife As My Best Friend”

Married for six years, Seal and Heidi Klum are more best friends than lovers. The singer – who raises Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 4, and Lou, 2, with the Project Runway host – says the key to a lasting relationship is respect.

He tells Cosmopolitan magazine, “I look at my wife as my best friend, the mother of our children second and my wife and lover third; because as wonderful as love is, it can get curly pretty quickly. But when you respect your best friend there is a line which you rarely, if ever, cross.”

Seal, 48, confesses he’s happy that he met Heidi later on in his life than when he was younger.

He shared, “I think most men are useless before the age of 40. If I’d met my wife Heidi in my 30s, it probably wouldn’t have worked, due to my immaturity.

I was 40 when we met – she was a fashion model and three weeks pregnant [by her ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore] although she didn’t yet know, and I was a singer in a profession not known for people being responsible. But when we fell in love we saw something in each other that transcended everything else.”

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  • Anonymous

    awe, such a cute fam!! 🙂

  • Janna

    Could this man be any more wonderful?

  • Sophia

    Seal always speaks so eloquently and poetically of his love for Heidi, it’s so beautiful.

  • Lau

    I love Seal deeply. Those are great words right there! Heidi is a lucky woman =)

  • Anonymous 2

    I absolutely adore the way she speaks of her and their kids. To think that he met her when she was pregnant with another man’s child. Later married her and adopted the child. It’s so wonderful.

  • Micaela

    He seems like a great father, husband, and bestfriend.

  • Anonymous

    He is so sweet. He’s always so respectful about her and talks about her like she’s a princess. It’s sad that more men aren’t like him. I’m very grateful that my husband is similar in that aspect.

  • Anonymous

    He is sweet, and him and Heidi make gorgeous babies together! Wow, Lou is adorable!

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