First Pic: Meet Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Twins!

As we previously reported, nearly six months after their birth, Moroccan and MonroeMariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twin son and daughter – are ready for their primetime debut.

The proud new parents introduced their bundles of joy to Barbara Walters during a 20/20 interview at their lavish New York City apartment set to air this Friday (October 21).

The twins, born April 30, already have nicknames: “Roc and Roe,” according to ABC. In a short clip from the upcoming special, Walters asked Carey, 41, whether she trusts husband of three years Cannon, 31.

“Sometimes!” Carey laughed.

The 20/20 special airs on ABC this Friday at 10 p.m.

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Photo credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC

  • arabella

    Whats the point?

  • Anonymous

    A picture of the backs of their heads? Wow, how exciting!

  • Vita

    Nice pic of the back of the babies heads….why bother.

  • mia

    These people are irrelevant. When is the last time she went on tour or came out with an album. And him….dont get me started. Congrats on their babies but barbara walters got scammed. No one cares.

    • LaKesha

      You do realize that Barbara’s people had to invite them on the show…I kinda think they got scammed.

  • CEM

    She seems like the most self centered, materialistic person in the world. It’s sad.

  • Rose Maree

    Than Y is her daughter looking at daddy! Than looking at Mariah ? Nannies help too… Sweet kids?

  • ER

    From the back, Monroe, and the side, Moroccan, they look cute, haha. They are dressed very well. Ooops Moroccan lost a shoe 🙂

  • SMH

    Well I can’t wait to see their little faces vs the back of their heads 🙂

  • Anonymous

    finally they’re so secretive about their babies…(i kinda understand but mariahs fan just want to see n know share her lil babies)..i can’t wait to see their little face’s…i bet they’re super cuties

  • imrightasrain

    Roc and Roe? Oh, how hokie! I didn’t like the names to begin with and like the “nick names” even less.

  • Europa

    They’re waiting to show them on 20/20 on Friday night. That’s why we can’t see their faces. I have a feeling they look like Mariah.

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