Michelle Obama On Daughters Sasha & Malia: I’m Just Hoping I Don’t Mess Them Up!

What’s it like raising two young girls in the White House?

According to First Lady Michelle Obama, life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t too different from life at any other household in America with pre-teens. There are sleepovers to be had, chores to be done, and Kardashians to keep up with, and just like so many others, Obama has one main objective when it comes to daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, telling iVillage, “They’re terrific girls, they’re poised and they’re kind and they’re curious. And like any mother, I am just hoping that I don’t mess them up.”

Here’s what else the First Lady had to say….

On her ongoing fight for normalcy: “The first thing is establishing rules among the staff that they’re not little princesses. They have to make their beds, they have to clean up their rooms, they have to — Sasha has started doing the laundry, Malia was supposed to be doing it but (Sasha) is really into laundry. My mom still does her own laundry.

It’s really the interaction that we have as a family that makes it feel like a home. It’s sitting down at the dinner table and having Barack’s day be really the last thing anyone really cares about. So he’s sort of the throw-on piece. It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, and what did you do today?'”

On trying to keep up with the Kardashians: “Barack really thinks some of the Kardashians — when they watch that stuff — he doesn’t like that as much, but I sort of feel like if we’re talking about it, and I’m more concerned with how they take it in — what did you learn when you watched that. And if they’re learning the right lessons, like, that was crazy, then I’m like, okay.”

On regulating the Halloween candy: “I tell this to my girls all the time – that when it’s time for the holidays and the fun stuff and the birthday party, that you don’t have to worry about it because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do every day.”

On having a little help from her staff: “I know how blessed I am and how rare it is to live in an institution that can provide you with that kind of support. I believe every mother needs a personal assistant. And a chef.”

For more from the First Lady on her super secret shopping trips to Target and how she stays motivated to keep fit, check out the full article here.

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  • JaBoy

    Great to see the First Lady with family.

  • Anonymous

    Super secret shopping trips to Target? It has been reported that the White House tipped off the media that she’d be there (supposedly to show she’s just like us) [eyes rolling] so her husband will be elected next year. They are so phony.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah that makes perfect sense, because after all, people vote for the President based on whether he/she shops at Target.

      Your comment is ridiculous. I’ve seen a lot of criticisms of the Obama’s that are really stretching things, but yours is one of the most ridiculous ones I’ve seen so far.

    • Anonymous 2

      Yeah, because everyone votes based on whether the candidate’s wife shops at Target or not. I know that was my “hot button” issue last election year.

      • Janna

        Me too! LOL

    • Anon

      I would read a different reporter. I cannot imagine security sanctioning tipping off the media. That sounds just plain goofy. And I certainly don’t feel my vote is influenced by her shaooping Target.

      • Anonymous

        That shows you how dumb they are.

  • Anonymous 2

    This was really sweet. =D

  • Janna

    If I were her, banning the Kardashian show would be tops on my parenting list.

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t believe she would allow her 10 yr old to watch the Kardashians.

  • Yeimi

    I think you doing great raise your daughters Mrs Obama,my son is 10 years old, and i teach him how to keep he’s room clean and do laundry, so he ask me if he can take cook lesson, i say no for the moment beaucase he is very envolve with sports and i can’t keep up with all, i am a single mother, so he ask me if he can have $ 20 dollars every month, I ask him for doing what? he answer i work at the school every day, so i say to him going to the school is not a job the you can get pay for it, maybe if you keep you room clean and help with chores you can have the $20 dollars, after that no way, you have to work for it, so i called work pay, you work you can get pay, you don’t work you don’t get pay, so he likes the deal,He is the best boy ever, love Him so much… I Just Hoping I Don’t Mess Him Up !!!!!. About the Kardashian tv show I agree with Mr Obama, the way they talk to each other is just not right, special to their mother calling her for names( big bad words) that is no good for any kid to watch o to hear all that, i like the reality show, but i don’t let my son to watch the show no way..My Best To You Mrs Obama.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s all terrific, but I think she would also do her daughters a service by not saying the word ‘like’ in her conversation so much.

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