Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Twins Start Preschool

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s babies are all grown up!

Their 3-year old twins, Knox and Vivienne, have joined the rest of their brood at school for the very first time — at the French Immersion school in Budapest, Hungary, near where Brad is filming World War Z, Life & Style reports. The couple’s older children also attended this school while Angie directed In the Land of Blood and Honey last fall. “Angie wants the twins to have a very normal upbringing,” says a friend.

“The twins are really excited that they’re finally in preschool,” a longtime pal of the famous family tells Life & Style. “They have long seen the other kids pack up and head off to school and yearned to be a part of it all. Now they can finally join them!”

Life & Style is on newsstands nationwide Friday.

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  1. Anonymous

    Considering the source of this story I take this thing with the grain of salt. It´s true that Knox and Viv are at the age when children start preschool. Life & Style and In Touch are the worst rags there are. In this week´s issue of In Touch they write that Viv has been rushed to the hospital. How low can these rags go? Obviously there are no boundaries how far these so-called magazines can go. Those rags write these stories because there hasn´t been any sightings of the Jolie-Pitt family during the last couple of weeks just to sell some extra copies. How pathetic!

  2. Anonymous

    This story can be true as the Jolie- Pitts are back in Budapest again, and the kids are going to the same school as they were last year when they were here.

  3. SoAnonymous

    If the story is true it’s only because it’s based on a guess that the Jolie Pitts would follow the same school practice they have with the other kids. There is no way I’d believe that any “friend of the family” spoke with the likes of a tabloid – especially about their children.

    I didn’t know that some tabloid wrote that Vivienne has been rushed to the hospital. They really are despicable. Out of all these kids you just know one of them could turn out to be litigious and as soon as they reach adulthood start suing the pants off these rags. That should be amusing.

    Yikes! You’re gonna make me do math to post? LOL!

  4. Anonymous

    This is a joke. When they say “go to school” they mean enrolling them until Brad finishes up a movie and then they will be pulled out and sent somewhere else and pulled out and so on and so on. This is why these kids have no friends. All they know is planes and limos. They don’t live or stay in one place long enough to make friends.

    • Anonymous

      Very well put…must be really hard trying to adjust all the time. I’m sure they find company in each other but having friends etc. is a very normal part of life.

    • will hasson

      So what, Armed Forces families move around a lot. Besides I think Angie is a mother and has a heart. I suppose some thangs just can’t be explained in terms of convictions. I just think she is special and gifted in her own way and I don’t care what U think.

  5. not born yesterday

    Yeah, Angie has friends who give tidbits of information to a tabloid smut rag. I heard there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn..

  6. Anonymous34

    Anonymous 03:49 pm@ the kids do have friends I guess you mess the kids who were with them in London at the pottery shop, the London Eye and went to the plays with them, Jolie-Pitt kids are friends with Gwen Stefani kids , Kimora\ Lee Simmons kids they go to the same school when in LA and FYI the kids that were with them at the London Eye and out to dinner are friends from Budapest, Hungary the father is an actor. There is also a video that was taken last year when they were in Budapest of the Jolie-Pitt kids out with a group other kids having a good time, and the kids are also friends with journalist Mariane Pearl son.

    • moralitypolice

      What you mean is, these kids have friends for a few months at a time. Then they get uprooted, moved, and surrounded by all new people again.

      Not sure if you know a lot about kids, but they basically forget about people if they haven’t seen them in a week or two. Even grandparents. A month is a lifetime in the eyes of a child.

      I think all this jet-setting is incredibly damaging to young people. Kids need stability, familiarity. Yes, they can go on incredibly vacations once in a while. But the majority of the time, they need routine and the ability to develop and maintain friendships.

      These kids are forever going to have relationship troubles. Some things, money just can’t buy.

      • Anonymous

        Brad just told Parade magazine that when the kids are away from LA for a while they fly their friends to visit them on set . Maddox has attended the same school in LA since he was 3. Many of their friends are on the biz so they travel on location with their parents too.Kids who are in contact with their family and friends through telephone or skype don’t forget them . My parents live in London and my kids only see them twice a year but talk to them twice / week. Brad and Angie are surrounded by the same nannies, bodyguards and assistants and their families. Angie’s assistant Holly and her husband and daughter travels with them, too.How do you know your kids won’t have relationship troubles with a judgemental person like you raising them?

  7. E R

    Shiloh and Knox look more alike then Vivienne and Knox, but they all resemble Brad, a lot.

  8. Anonymous

    E R – I totally agree with you. Shiloh and Knox look a lot alkie. The reason why Knox and Viv don´t look alike is that they´re fraternal twins and fraternal twins aren´t identical. However, all three bio JP kids look a lot like Brad, Viv is the only one who doesn´t have blue eyes but otehrwise she looks a lot like her dad. Just read from one gossip site that the reason for Viv´s alleged hospital visit would have been a bad stomach bug. Still don´t believe that story because of the source of it. So happy that In Touch doesn´t come out in my country.

  9. Ondine

    That photo is shameful, surrounding a mother w/ 2 small children and all but chasing her down the street from front and back w/ cameras, both the general public and professional photographers involved. Can’t we just pay attention to her when she’s on the red carpet or otherwise making a professional appearance instead of when she’s just taking her kids to school or otherwise enjoying private time w/ her family? Remember what happened to Princess Diana, the Goose Who Layed the Golden Eggs. She was chased endlessly until finally destroyed. Look at the weary look on Ms. Jolie’s face. I feel sorry for her and her family, to have to face that ordeal every time they leave the house.

  10. Tara

    Im so sick of seeing these celebrity’s with all these big brand name bags while there with the kids, it makes them look materialistic.
    Really we know Angie can afford anything in this world, of all celebrity s she was the one to not be a follower and by this pic she looks to have followed in to the world look what I have…. YUCK on all levels

  11. Anonymous

    I HATE how they say they want their kids to have a “normal” life. Their life is far from it. I HOPE all the crap tabloids put in the papers about the Jolie-Pitt brood but both Brad and Angie seem so… idk… stuck up. I KNOW they help kids thoughout the world, blah blah, blah but sometimes I think it is just for the publicity.

  12. Anonymous34

    Tara @ what is your problem? How is Angelina and other celeb mom’s caring big brand bags with their kids make them look kids materialistic? I see people in everyday life with LV bags all the time with and without kids. Angelina have had one LV bag for ten years and she uses all her bags as dipper bags like most celebrity mom’s.

    Jennifer Garner carries big brand name bags like Chanel among others all the time with her kids do you think she’s materialistic too? You seem to be jealous that they can afford these bags and you can’t get over it.

    A materialistic person is someone like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians who won’t use or buy anything without it being a big brand name, Angelina wore a $26 dress from a vintage store on the red carpet and her kids wear hand me downs so how is she materialistic again.

  13. Tara

    Thats the way I see it, I love Angie but leave the B-brand bag at home while with the kids, any other time wear the biggest name bag you can carry not with the kids.

  14. Anonymous

    But yet here you are posting a comment on the article.Being on the fence is really pathetic on your part. We all know Angie has been known to notify the press for years and years…Then we have her Brother/Lover James Haven and he’s really cleaver about putting spins on things…Oh let’s not forget her Daddy Jon Voight he really knows how to work the press and people..So anything written about this family usually comes from this family

  15. Anonymous

    Knox and Shiloh look just like Angelina. Viv looks like Brad’s mother

  16. Anonymous

    Those 3 kids look like Angelina’s father a lot more than they do either of their parents.

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