Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes Is “Inappropriate” When It Comes To My Sons

She may be the new kid on the block on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Brandi Glanville is certainly no stranger to drama.

Since losing her ex, actor Eddie Cibrian to LeAnn Rimes, the model and single mom has had to adjust to seeing her sons – Mason, 8, and Jake, 4 – with the country crooner on TV and in print. Though she’s comforted by the fact that her boys are loved, Glanville tells Life & Style that she’s not exactly happy with everything Rimes says and does when it comes to her kids.

“When she has a child of her own, she’ll understand how a lot of the things she says and does regarding my children can be construed as really inappropriate,” says Brandi.

LeAnn has been quoted in the press stating that she cares for Mason and Jake “as if they are my own,” referring to herself as a “bonus mom” rather than a step-mother.

With her personal life once again in the spotlight, thanks to her stint on the Bravo reality show (including that little incident at Adrienne Maloof‘s pool party), Glanville reminds friends, fans, and haters alike that she’s doing all she can for her children.

“I’m a single mom I do my best,” Brandi tweeted. “I try really hard and think I’m raising 2 amazing little men! Boys will always be boys tho!”

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  • Anonymous

    Umm, these kids have a very involved father and step mom. This lady is NO SINGLE MOTHER

    • DNI

      Listen asswipe, a single mom is a woman who does not have a husband. She is divorced, THAT is a single mom.

    • Anonymous

      Single mother means the mother is SINGLE, not married. It doesnt mean the father doesnt exsist.

      • Janna

        So doesn’t that mean that Eddie Cibrian is a single father, too?

        • matoria

          No, he’s married to Leann therefor he isn’t single…

          • Janna

            You’re right. What was I thinking? LOL

  • Anonymous

    A post about Brandi Glanville? This site doesn’t post about BG unless they are going to release a staged photo-op of LR with EC and BG kids. Which means that this site is going to post the staged photo-op that LR set up with Dailymail yesterday of her, EC, and his kids out with her parents?

    Leann is inappropriate. In the staged photo-op that will soon be posted on this site LR she is wearing a nightgown and robe(it’s a lingerie set, something to be worn with her husband, not when she is out with EC kids), LR has the top of the nightgown and robe open, the nightgown and robe are barely covering LR implants, LR isn’t wearing a bra and it’s obvious she isn’t wearing a bra because you can see through the nightgown and robe combo (Let’s just say it’s like LR is giving EC kids an anatomy lesson), and the nightgown and robe is short (which means that EC youngest son can see up LR dress).

    And of course this will be praised by the media. Rather than questioning why a person would walk out in a nightgown and robe, the media will glorfy this and it’s wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Well, luckily you’re here to set everyone straight.

      • Anonymous

        Hi STACE2U

        Isn’t that why Leann Rimes keeps sending YOU here?

        To the set the record straight by blaming BG or by calling other posters crazy, just like you do on twitter when people call LR out on sharing way too much information about those kids.

        I sincerely hope that this site doesn’t keep encouraging LR inappropriate behavior with those kids. She has a BIG concert on Friday, so she is trying to keep herself relevant by thrusing those kids names and faces in the spotlight.

  • Mistake

    That’s Jake on the right, and one of his friends on the left, not Mason and Jake in your photo

  • Anonymous

    Say what you will about this woman but I have to agree with her on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Brandi might not be a perfect mother (DUI conviction), but I agree with her regarding Leann…from all the pics on the internet of Leann with Eddie’s kids, she always dresses inappropriately. There’s a recent one where she is wearing a short dress and no bra on. Plus, she always tweets about those kids. No matter how many times she and Eddie say that they were sorry for how they acted in the situation, the sincerity is not there.

  • E R

    This must me a hard thing to deal with…having your husband cheat on you then see the mistress walking hand and hand with your kids, WOW!

  • Anonymous

    Brandi should just show her boys as much love as she can and not try to compete with her ex – formerly known as “Hot Eddie Cibrian” now known as “Scumbag” and his “Skank” formerly known as “Cutie LeAnn Rimes”. It is all about making the children feel loved and secure, and not about who looks better in the press – which is so often skewed anyway. Good luck, Brandi. Motherhood, and ESPECIALLY single motherhood is the hardest job you will ever have so give it your all for the boys sake.

  • Lau

    I don’t really know this woman so my comment is not directed specifically to her, but I LOATHE when women claim that they are single mothers only because they’ve separated/divorced the childrens’ father. If the guy is still alive and somehow supporting the kids, she is NOT a single parent! Single parent means you are taking care of the kid(s) absolutely on your own without the help of anyone else, and that’s clearly not the case here.

    • Diana

      Yeah, this “daddy” is still alive. “Somehow supporting the kids…”? Well, right before he got engaged and bought the pig bonus mom her $85,000 engagement ring … he went to court to have his child support payments reduced because he said he was out of work. So yeah, Brandi is pretty much a “single mother” as she can’t count on the jerk who cheated on her and the kids.

    • Anonymous

      noooo……single parent means you are single and you are a parent. it’s really not so difficult if you put some thought into it.

    • Anonymous

      But that is the thing, EC doesn’t support the kids.

      He told a judge that he couldn’t pay child support and then he went and “bought” LR an $86,000 engagement ring. The one LR is constantly flashing in her staged photo-ops.

      He wasn’t paying his child support when lost the CSI gig, but we saw him in new white shoes(the photo is here on this site), on trips to Cabo, Colorado, and Tahiti, new cars, new watches, and dining out EVERYDAY.

      LR even bragged about how he was having jewerly made for her even though he told a judge he just couldn’t afford the child support.

      EC only wants to be around those kids when he can benefit from it. He let LR sing at his kids Family Day and then LR took him to a concert to see Adele. What type of father does that?

      • Scared of Anonymous

        you always have the most to say. are you related to them? because you seem weirdly too obsessed.

        • Anonymous

          Hi STACE2U

          Seriously, why must we go through this EVERYTIME? So then by your own logic we must assume that you defend LR on this site and on twitter because you are related to her?

          We know that you seem weirdly obsessed with defending a 29 yo woman who is so desperate for attention she exploits two innocent kids.

          We get it, LR is upset because people are not buying into the “devoted bonus mom” thing. And how can LR send staged photo-ops to this site when people are calling her out everytime she does so? Cue Stace2U, who seems to think that saving LR means attacking anyone (including BG) will do the trick.

          It hasn’t done anything for LR has it?

          BG should be SCARED of Leann because LR SWF is getting out of hand. I’m shocked that Leann hasn’t changed her name to BG yet.

    • Anonymous

      So she is a mom period whether married, single, or what. She is the real mom of these kids. When she comes home at the end of the day she has to do everything when they are with her. When the married dad comes home the so called wonderful perfect “bonus mom” is there to help with the responsibilities. So, yes she is a single mom that when she cares for her kids she is doing it on her own. Your just using words to start an argument to make Leann look better.

  • SMH

    I don’t know who this girl is and I’m not a fan of Leann one bit but by someone saying they are a “bonus mom” imo is not inappropriate (this women says of what she does or says – not what she wears). If I was going to have a situation where my children were around another women I’d want for this women to treat them as if they were her own. Not act like she is their mom but care for them in a way a mother would.
    I hear many step parents refer to their kids as their bonus children (i.e. Jada Pinkett, Julie Chen, Tori Spelling, Giselle Buschen). Step just sounds so distant sometimes and it isn’t always the case.
    As far as Eddie and Leanne they created a dramatic situation so it may be a different scenario of bitterness (which is understandable) but I much rather have my kids have a loving caring step parent then an evil one.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed 100%.

    • Michelle741p

      “loving, caring step parent” huh? See here’s the thing…I have a stepmom and she would NEVER think to take me out of state without telling my dad for one of her work functions. I follow Brandi on twitter and Brandi wrote that instead of showing up for a soccer game, her son was at a Casino for one of Leann’s shows and no one told her he would be missing the game so Brandi showed up on the field not knowing where her son was. This on top of the whole breaking up their family, moving into the same neighborhood as Brandi when Brandi and Eddie were in marriage counseling etc. Seeing Leann’s actions make me so thankful I have a stepmom who actually respects my mother.

    • Anonymous

      a caring “bonus mom” that would not let the real mother come to HER CHILD’s birthday party because she is uncomfortable because she did wrong and she knows it is not putting the child first and that shows disrespect to the mother and shows her true feeling that she has for their REAL mother, and this does translate to what they probably will think she feels about them because they are part of her! She needs to step back and look at the damage they are causing between the mother and children as well as what damage they have done to the children. Once they are older they may see the video of their ‘Bonus mom” and real dad sneaking around cheating on their mother what she was at home PUTTING THEM FIRST, cause they were out slutting around.

    • Anonymous

      a caring “bonus mom” that would not let the real mother come to HER CHILD’s birthday party because she is uncomfortable because she did wrong and she knows it is not putting the child first and that shows disrespect to the mother and shows her true feeling that she has for their REAL mother, and this does translate to what they probably will think she feels about them because they are part of her! She needs to step back and look at the damage they are causing between the mother and children as well as what damage they have done to the children. Once they are older they may see the video of their ‘Bonus mom” and real dad sneaking around cheating on their mother what she was at home PUTTING THEM FIRST, cause they were out slutting around.

  • Europa

    Perhaps Leanne does wear somewhat skimpy clothes around the children but all the bits are covered. What is more important is she is attentive to the kids. She holds their hands. She appears to care for them. That is more important than looking for ways to create stress and animosity that the kids will pick up on. No, it’s not a perfect situation but harmony between these people would be so much better for them.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Leann has staged so many photo-ops where her bits were exposed to those kids. Take a look at the many photos that are on this site. She doesn’t wear a bra and then a shirt that makes it obvious she isn’t wearing a bra. She wears skimpy shorts at EC son’s soccer game and then bends over showing all of her business. One day she wore a short purple nightgown and had the audacity to bend over and expose her implants to EC youngest son. And then the nightgown/robe that she wore yesterday. You just have to wonder, there is something wrong with Leann.

      If Leann was attentive to the kids then how come she kept posing for the paps on her birthday, while one child hid from the paps? Why keep staging photo-ops with those kids if she attentive to their needs?

      Leann holds their hands because one child has a tendency to hide from the paps and the other is so familiar with the paps because LR calls them all the time, that he runs up to the paps and plays with them.

      Leann doesn’t care, how do we know? She is still tweeting about those kids and staging photo-ops with them even though her own husband stated that he didn’t want his kids exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure.

      Did you see the tweet she made today, basically telling the paps when she and EC take his son to school so that come tomorrow the internet will be bombarded of photos of that child at his school? Why would she tweet that if she attentive to the kids?

      Leann creates the stress and animosity, did she have to tweet to the paps when she and EC drop that kid off at school? Did she have to invite the paps out to dinner with her and EC and his kids yesterday?

      There won’t be any harmony because LR is just too immature.

      I’m sure that this site will post the photos of LR in her nightgown and robe, and once again you will get a first hand glance at just how immature LR is.
      In the staged photo, LR is wearing her hair exactly the same way that BG wore her hair in Sept. It’s the VERY SAME hair style. Why? What is LR trying to prove?

      You have to wonder what is wrong with LR? How can she love those kids when she hates BG so much that she literally stalks BG tweets and staged photos just so that she can copy it.

      • Anonymous

        Would you just take a xanax already? Your weird obsession with these people should be reported to someone so all five of them can get a restraining order.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Stace2U

          Yeah, yeah, yeah, STACE2U, we get it. Leann is upset. So is LR shopping for media outlets for her “happy family at the pumpkin patch” staged photo-op? Is that what this all about?

          You know if LR took a xanax perhaps she wouldn’t be so insecure about EC cheating her.

          Weird obsession: When a 29 yo woman copies the hairstyle of her husbands ex-wife. That is crazy. Did you see those photos? And she walks around gloating. Why? Are things that bad in LR and EC marriage that LR can only get EC attention by dressing and looking like BG?

          Seriously Stace2U, how is commenting on a message board a danger to Leann Rimes and Eddie? It would only be a danger if Leann has a deal with this site. So is that what you are implying, that Leann Rimes has some sort of deal with this CBS? Well there is only one way to find out. Let’s wait and see how long it takes this site to post LR next staged photo-op with EC kids.

          Stace2U is Leann Rimes BFF, the person who LR holds personal Skype sessions with. Leann Rimes sends Stace2U to do her dirty work. We know that Leann Rimes reads this site because she was tweeting to someone from this site. Speaking of restraining orders how many people have you stalked and harassed in LR honor? BTW, let’s not forget all the fake accounts you have and are using to stalk and harass Brandi Glanville.

          Just think, if LR laid low and stopped staging photo-op with those kids, you wouldn’t have to come here trying to lecture people.

  • dee

    These two ladies are just plain nasty.

  • frustrated

    i am currently a stepmom to my husbands children and mother to our own child. his children do not live w us but when they do come over i am always trying to make sure they are happy and ont he right track. i always ask questions about their life and i try to do special things with them so that feel important and loved. i never try to be their mother they even call me by my first name (they are both teenagers). but this is the rub, i can never predict what will upset their mother. for instance i took my step daughter away for a girls weekend to stay at my parents, her mother was fien with that but when i offered to pay for shoes for a dance her mother got so angry n told the her to that maybe i should jsut be her mother.

    being a step parent is the strangest thing, im always trying to show my love and make sure these kids know they are loved all while being fearful i might trigger the biological mother to punish or scold her children.


    You guys don’t even know what you’re talking about…he was always paying child support and asked for a revisitation of the parenting plans as divorced people do every day if their income changes!!!!!!!!!! Do not speak of what you know nothing about. So tired of hearing about him cheating, etc…get over it! It happens in over 50% of marriages so shut the hell up already! Brandi is FAR FROM SINGLE. Eddie has those kids more than most divorced couples and the support he and Leann give those 2 darling boys is far more emotional, loving & stable than any money can buy. Be happy for everyone. If Eddie is such a bad person, then you Brandi fans should be glad she’s not with him. I sure haven’t seen her settle down with anyone else in 3 years and god knows she tries!!!!
    I wish nothing but the best for Eddie, Leann & those lovely boys. If Brandi doesn’t quit talking smack about them those boys will hold it against her in time. I NEVER have heard Leann talking about Brandi like she talks about Leann. MOVE ON! If you’re so much better off now like you claim, you should be sending Leann flowers every week for taking your man. LOL Remember, you can’t take something that wasn’t fully yours. God Bless.

    • Michelle741p

      you wish nothing but the best for Eddie, Leann, the kids and not their mother…wow. Classy

    • Janna

      To be fair, what would Leann talk smack about? She wasn’t the one who was cheated on, publicly and openly.

    • Anonymous


      And you know this how? Because Leann Rimes shared this information with you over DMs or via Skype?

      Seeing as how EC “bought” LR an $85,000 engagement ring, was seen dining out EVERYDAY, showed up wearing new white shoes, having jewelry made for LR, and was going on back to back expensive trips we know that he was not justified in asking the courts to reduce his child support. If EC can afford to “buy” and design a $85,000 ring, then we know that he can pay his child support. We know everything because LR puts it out there. If LR doesn’t want people to talk or discuss why EC is lying to the courts, then perhaps she shouldn’t go to People mag and tell them about how her hubby who reduced his child support is buying her a big expensive ring.

      But Leann keeps talking about her affair with EC and yet you have no problem with that. Need we remind you of how she talked about the affair on Ellen, on her blog, and is set to talk about the affair in Jan of 2012 with Maya Angelou?

      Eddie has those kids when he and LR need to promote something for the week. Support? You mean how EC and LR exploit those kids to keep EC and LR names and faces in the press? Like she set up a happy family staged photo-op with the kids because the media didn’t quite jump on the “Welcome back to LA EC and LR” bandwagon after EC and LR has set up two photo-ops? What LR and EC give those kid is FAR from loving and stable. It’s exploitation.

      Of course you wish nothing but the best for LR and EC, Leann did send you here, didn’t she?

      You have NEVER heard Leann talk about BG? That’s a lie. Because just last week Darrell Brown and Leann were on twitter doing just that. Every Monday Leann gets on twitter and writes a post slamming BG parenting skills. So did you forget about this or do you just have a selective memory?

      Why would BG send LR flowers? Seriously, you are upset with BG because she isn’t patting LR on the back for sleeping with her husband? Does LR send EC mistresses flowers when they see EC? Right, so since EC doesn’t belong to LR, it’s not like EC mistresses are taking him from LR when they are spending time with him, right?

      Why would God reward LR when she is being so mean and evil?

      • Anonymous

        You really are certificable insane. I serously hope that you do not actually know any of these people, because if I were them, I’d be scared of you.

        • Anonymous

          Hi STACE2U

          We have heard this from you how many times now?

          We get it, Leann is upset and she has send you here(just like she sends you to twitter to scold BG). She must be shopping for media outlets to be there when she and EC stage those happy family photos at the pumpkin patch with the kids.

          Certifiable insane: When a 29 yo woman uses the Stand Up for Kids campaign to promote her marriage to man who cares so little about her that she has to SWF his ex-wife just to get his attention.

          True or False? Is LR gearing up to set up and staged another photo-op with EC kids? Of course she is, it’s whyy STACE2U is on a rampage today.

          I sincerely hope that when you hold that Skype session with Leann you tell her to lay off those kids. You wouldn’t have to result to calling other posters crazy when LR doesn’t get her way.

          Yes we know that BG should be scared of Leann Rimes, what she does to BG isn’t normal.

          So how many times are you going to come back to make another post about how other posters are the problem just like you do in every threads?

    • Anonymous

      Yes Leann did not take Eddie, Leann just keep stalking following them around move in the neighborhood but herself in a schools and stuff and made it where Brandi wanted to give him the boot. Leann got her screwed up leftovers.

  • Scared of Lauren

    “I NEVER have heard LeAnn talking smack” is your quote. Do you know her or do you hear voices of her? Either you know her or you make up stuff; just sayin’. If you know her, don’t you both have better things to do then fight with strangers on the internet seeing you “know the truth” already.

    • Anonymous

      Are you not the same person who also wrote the Scared of Anon post?

      So how come you are not taking your own advice?

  • Anonymous

    I think “Lauren” is Leann Rimes defending herself!! ha ha ha

    • Anonymous Too

      LMAO Thats what I thought too.


  • Anonymous86

    If anything can be said, its that if the mom thinks you are being inappropriate with her kids…you are being inappropriate. If Leann cared about “the children” she would not let her producer, tour manager, and little online friends she skypes with take constant digs at Brandi on the internet and laugh at it. I would think its strange if my friends constantly talked about my husband’s ex wife and my stepchildren on their social networking accounts. Either way, Brandi needs to just accept Leann is a loony and stop talking about it. Given Eddie’s track record its not like Leann will be around those kids forever. Boys are always protective of their mom above all else so it will sort itself out in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, Leann is so contradicting in the fact that she keeps saying that people don’t know the truth, they are taking the high road to protect the kids and get up set when someone puts the father and bonus mom down, but it is okay to let her friends employees, coworks, and all run the real mother in the ground IN A PUBLIC FORUM TWITTER, which is no different than doing the on tv interviews. Kids talk and they will learn all this crap at school because of twitter! There is more of a chance that they will no more from facebook and twitter than the tv if they are kept from seeing it on tv. But that will only last so long when they are older handing with friends.

  • Scared of Lauren

    Sorry, not the same person. Just thought the naming was kinda funny and copied the “joke”. Sorry to upset you. You can quick playing detective and get back to complaining about random celebs. ps. It would be too funny if Lauren was Leann!!

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t upset me, I just thought it was funny that you would be so hypocritial.

      So you have a problem with people complaining about random celebs, yet here you are for the second time posting? Not only posting, going so far as to copy the “joke”. I would thought someone who was so concerned about people complaining about random celebs would be more cautious of their actions?

      Lauren, who also made the post as Scared of anon poster, and the “you are crazy” poster is a personal friend of Leann’s. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they are here tag teaming.

  • Anonymous

    Leann Rimes and her pr people have sunken to a new low, they are stealing the names of other posters from other sites or very old threads and then are using these names to make positive comments about Leann and/or to attack anyone who expresses any type of dislike of Leann.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Leann has once again proven BG point. Leann spent the entire day tweeting about BG because BG was doign her round of interviews for RHOBH. Not only that , but Leann Rimes even had the nerve to show up wearing all black because that was what BG was spotted wearing on Sat at the pumpkin patch.

    So here’s the chance for the media to make a difference. Well they post the photos of LR with EC and BG kids and write a fluff piece or will they too question why LR is still tipping off the paps and tweeting about those kids, even after her hubby stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure.

    BTW, rather than taking the kids to the pumpkin patchy shouldn’t EC be putting that money away so he won’t have to keep telling the court systems that he doesn’t have the money to support his kids. I love how the media keeps ignoring his obvious lies and hypocrisy.

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