Mariska Hargitay Welcomes Baby No. 3: Andrew Nicolas

Congratulations are in order for Mariska Hargitay and husband Peter Hermann. The happy couple have adopted another baby!

Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann comes to the family just six months after the couple brought home daughter Amaya Josephine, Us Weekly reports.

Within a week of processing their paperwork for the second time, the Hargitay-Hermanns brought home a son who was born over the summer.

He was a preemie,” a source says. “He and Amaya are just a few months apart.” Hargitay, 47, and theater actor Hermann, 44, adopted Amaya in April.

“Their hearts were so opened by the [first] adoption,” the source says. “So they couldn’t imagine NOT taking the opportunity to bring another baby into the family. They are very tired and overwhelmed with the change,” admits the source. “But overjoyed.”

“Mariska is thrilled and amazed with all the new blessings and great fortune,” continues the source. “She has more love than she imagined!”

Mariska and Peter are also parents to 5-year-old son August.

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  • Emily

    Wow! Congrats to her!!!! So didn’t see that coming…for the 2nd time…lol

  • Anonymous 2

    I still really love the name Amaya Josephine. Congrats to them!

    • SiervaMaria

      I think it’s a beautiful name too and I just love that they have been blessed with a heart for adoption. I bet they don’t stop with two either. I have a good friend who has two adopted sons from birth. She does foster care and it’s sad how many children of all races are under 6 months old and in the system. Drugs and abuse, abuse and drugs. It would be even more depressing if not for stories like my friends and Marissa’s. GB them

  • Anonymous

    Well congrats, but it’s just another example of celebrities being able to “purchase” children that could otherwise go to a childless family that don’t have the money to buy them upfront.

    • Grace

      You clearly have no grasp of how adoption works. First of all, babies don’t automatically go first to childless couples. In most cases the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents and it’s up to her to decide whether she wants her baby to go to a couple that already has children or doesn’t. Additionally, it’s illegal in this country for adoptive parents or anyone at the adoption agencies to use money to speed up adoptions. I know just as many people who are neither rich or famous who were able to adopt 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 children really quickly. The secret isn’t money, it’s to be open to adopting children of any race and with any potential health issues. I find it vile and digusting that you are implying that babies should be rewarded to only those with no children first. Children are not trophies awarded to whoever you think is the most deserving. They are human beings and their birth mothers have a right to place them with whatever family they think it best for their child and if that happens to be a family that already has children then that is their choice to make and not yours.

      • Tanya

        thank you grace. people, like the one you responded to, can be so ignorant.

      • Anonymous

        “it’s to be open to adopting children of any race and with any potential health issues”

        You hit the nail on the head here. Sorry, but there just aren’t hoards of African-Americans looking to adopt babies, especially one that might have a health issue. It’s just simply true. If a Caucasian couple is willing to adopt them, they do get moved to the top of the list when an AA baby is born. Anonymous @ 12:22 pm, would you rather they went to foster care?

        More power to them. A baby has a loving home. That’s all that counts.

        • Annie123

          Are you implying that babies should be adopted by people of their color??! Yes there are more black or mixed babies to adopt than white, and more caucasian couples adopting than blacks, just because we live in a country were economic and racial segregation overlap. But to me the real problem is all these Caucasian couples worrying about the color of their child.

    • Melissee

      I don’t think that’s fair. Celebrities have money, yes, so they can afford the paperwork and all the additional expenses that may come with adopting, but “purchase.” That’s a little harsh. They didn’t steal this baby, they adopted him. There are plenty of kids that need good homes and not enough people that have the ability or desire to adopt or foster. How many have you taken in?

    • Audrey

      “purchase” a child because it happened quickly after the firwst adoption? My granddaughter was in our home 17 days after paperwork was finished because a birthmother chose them that quickly. Also, my kids had paperwork in with two agencies and realistically could have received a child through both at the same time. That is a possibility here. But I doubt being a celebrity had anything to do with it.

    • Julia Roberts

      Maybe you should learn something about the realities of adoption before making such an ignorant comment. The unfortunate fact in this country is that there are many minority children put up for adoption. The reason why some people have to wait so long is that they only want white infants, and there are not as many available as there are people who want them. But there is not such a shortage of minority children, so there are not the same waits. It’s disgraceful that this happens (i.e., that minority children are not as “wanted” as white children) and that babies effectively become a commodity, but that’s the way it is.

  • Janna

    Good for them! I know there are a lot of nanny-haters out there, but here’s at least one case where I hope they *do* have lots of help. Three small children is tough, and two infants…. wow! More power to them!

    • tsx

      Janna, I don’t understand your comment – 2 working parents with 3 small children – of course they need childcare! Like most celebs, she is not ‘9-5;probably works crazy, unconventional hours, so a nanny is obviously more appropriate than daycare.

      I’ve never seen any posts from people saying they hate nannies. Even regular folks use them and it can actually be cheaper than daycare with multiple kids.

      • Janna

        I wrote that I hope they **do** have help because that having three kids is tough. I’m not sure how you misunderstood that.

        • tsx

          The part I didn’t understand was about people hating nannies.

          • anonymouse

            There are a number of people here (probably a small group who just post the same thing over and over again) who apparently believe anyone who hires a nanny should be arrested for child abuse. Never mind that you know all of them would hire a nanny the instant they could actually afford it.

          • really

            why would people have a problem with nannies vs. other childcare options such as daycare? the only thing i’ve read remotely resembling criticism is when gwen stefani is constantly spotted with a nanny when she is with her kids. huge difference between a celeb or non-celeb parent using a nanny while they are working, but stefani is never seen without one.

          • Jennie

            I have 4 boys and I would hire a nanny in a heartbeat if I could afford it :p and a housekeeper … and a cook … and a gardener …

            Though I do think that what most people, myself included, don’t like about the idea of nannies is the misuse of them. Where some (clearly not all, a very small percentage) parents seem to have little to do with their children and let the nanny do it all. Where the children bond with the nanny and that she becomes their “mother”. A nanny doing their job as an extra pair of hands and/or babysitting is a wonderful thing and I really don’t see anyone objecting to that if they could afford it lol

          • really


  • Anonymous

    Im surprised she didnt pick a better name. maybe she ran out of ideas after 2 good ones 🙂

    • Tanya

      what’s wrong with Andrew? That is my brother’s name and I love it.
      August, Amaya, and Andrew sound great together.

  • Anonymous

    Great news:) Congrats to them:) And I really love the baby’s name:)

  • Angi

    Anonymos,you are a jerk. Mariska and her husband are good people and that baby has a loving home. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @2:00 – what’s wrong with the name Andrew Nicolas? It’s a nice NORMAL name instead of the ridiculous made up names that the others pick, I think she did a great job.

  • SMH

    She will def. have her hands full.

    And as other says sometimes adoptions go through quicker if your not picky about what kind of baby you want. And once you adopt it tends to go faster the 2nd time around.
    I have heard people get selected by birth mother’s right away and others who have waited years. Yes normal everyday people dont have the finances to always go through with adoptions but that shouldn’t mean celebrities can’t do it if they have the means. It may not be fair all the time but guess what life isn’t fair.

  • AJ

    They named their son Andrew after a very good friend of them who died just before the adoption. It’s a pretty name !

  • aNON

    I just have to say that Mariska has a beautiful family and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I do not get tired of looking at such beauty. What eyes, that smile.

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