Orlando Bloom: Flynn Is “Probably The Most Jet-Set Kid In The World”

Which celebrity kid has racked up the most air miles? We don’t have an official tally, but Orlando Bloom thinks his son Flynn could be the big winner.

“I’m very lucky, I’ve got a great kid and he’s pocket-sized, travels with us,” Orly says of Flynn, who regularly jets with them from NYC to Australia to Paris Fashion Week to the New Zealand set of his new film The Hobbit and beyond. “Probably the most jet-set kid in the world.”

The handsome Lord of the Rings star, who is married to model Miranda Kerr, concedes that there is one famous family that may have them beat, though: The Jolie Pitts!

“Maybe not actually, I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might have us on that and they probably travel private as well, know what I mean,” Orlando says. “So we’ll take commercial; jet-set but we’ll go for the environment on that one.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the name of their baby carrier?

    • Anonymous

      It’s an Ergo. Love mine!

  • Shirelle

    I was just about to say that no the Jolie Pitt kids are the most jet set kids

  • Anonymous

    that’s the most jet-lagged baby in the world

  • Ondine

    I’d love to see the little boy’s passport w/ pages and pages of stamps at such a young age.

  • Anonymous

    They have the Ergo baby carrier .

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