Rosie Pope Dishes About Her ‘Surprise’ Pregnancy

It wasn’t too long ago that fans of Pregnant in Heels watched as maternity guru Rosie Pope and her husband Daron struggled to have another child. After surgery on her uterus, multiple rounds of IVF and a heart-breaking ectopic pregnancy, the family was thrilled to welcome their second son, Wellington, in February. Perhaps even more thrilling, however, was the news that Rosie and Daron received just months later — that they were already expecting baby number three!

In an interview with iVillage, Rosie, now at the end of her first trimester, opens up about the day she learned that she was pregnant, why she’s finally allowing hot dogs in her house, and how the possibility of having a girl makes her “worry more.”

Here’s what Rosie had to say….

On how she found out about her “surprise” pregnancy:
“We weren’t sure we could have a third and we didn’t think birth control was necessary for us after our fertility issues. So about two months ago we decided to go back to our doctor to just kind of check in and see what he thought about doing IVF again and all that stuff. We weren’t sure when we would actually start trying. The doctor did some tests and we walked away thinking we’d probably do IVF again at some point. Then he called me later that day and said I was pregnant. It was the morning of my elder son [JR]’s third birthday. I was like, ‘WHAT!?!’ I was in shock. It had been so hard before that it was kind of funny that it happened when we were not even trying, but apparently it can be common that after giving birth, your body still has all the hormones from the IVF that you can ovulate and get pregnant naturally again.”

On juggling two young children, a business, and a reality show — while pregnant!: “Honestly, I cry every other day figuring out how I can do it all. I have a lot of help. I have an amazing mother-in-law who helps us pretty much every day. But it is difficult, especially when thinking about having a third child. Also, with one child I was incredibly controlled about everything, but with the second you sort of surrender to the craziness. Now, if they don’t get bath time every night it’s not the end of the world.

I had never allowed hot dogs in the house, but now I’ve decided they are an important food group. I think it’s more fun and the kids enjoy me a lot more because I’m less obsessive.”

On whether or not it’ll be “weird” having a girl: “I’m not sure weird is the word, but you have to worry more. Raising girls and boys can be quite different. The issues I faced as a young girl, I don’t really worry about the boys. Later on when she’s a teenager, I might be more nervous with a girl.”

For more from Rosie Pope, including her advice for parents planning on having more children, see the full article here.

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  • Anonymous

    Am I missing something? Did it say she’s actually having a girl or she’s just commenting on the idea of having a girl?

    • Anonymous

      The idea

  • Anonymous

    I read the full iVillage article; the interviewer said how Jennifer Garner commented on it being weird having a boy after 2 girls; so they asked Rosie would it be weird having a girl after 2 boys. She never came out saying the 3rd baby is a girl…

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