Camila Alves: Levi & Vida Are Best Friends

Sweet siblings!

Mom Camila Alves says she and Matthew McConaughey don’t have to deal with much sibling rivalry on the home front – in fact, their kids Levi and Vida are the best of friends.

“They’re best friends. Levi’s a really good big brother,” the 29-year-old told US at this week’s Swarovski Crystallized Celebrates Brazilian Style event in New York City. “They’re buddies.”

Camila says that while the kids are a mix of mom and dad, “[Levi is] more like Matthew and Vida is more like me.”

“If you ask her, she’ll give,” she says of her daughter. “But if you take it from her, she’ll be very upset. She gets very mad. So I’m a little like that. I’m very giving, but if you come and take stuff from me, I then become a big lioness.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that one of both of them are useless barefoot? You can’t tell where they are exactly in this picture but most of the time they’re walking barefoot in the street. Stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Can you tell me what’s wrong with walking barefoot?

  • dee

    These children are beautiful, but why always barefoot? Do parent let their children do what ever they want at this age?

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious to hear what’s wrong with walking barefoot?

  • Anonymous

    they looks so cute. Camila has said before that Vida is a strong character.
    what’s wrong with walking barefoot? i do it any time i can.

    • Anonymous

      Ummm, because it’s unsanitary and dangerous? People spit in the road, just all kinds of things going on and those little feet are still new they need to be protected. It’s not like they are at the park, which would be a different story, they are always walking in the street. Levi’s hair is awful. Vida is absolutely one of the most gorgeous children I have ever seen.

      • Anon8675309

        You must have led a pretty sheltered life. We were barefoot all the time as kids, and my kids went barefoot, too. But that’s okay, people have their own ideas about raising their kids. It’s what makes the world go round.

        You know what doesn’t make the world go round? Morally inept people like you who say things like “Levi’s hair is awful”. What purpose did that serve? You feel like a tough guy now that everyone knows how you feel about that child’s hair? What is so awful about a child’s natural hair, blowing in the wind anyway?

        And before the little harpies start in with “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, well, so am I. And MY opinion is that people who say nasty things about little children are disgusting.

        • Louise

          Well said!

  • Sophia

    They’re so gorgeous. Vida’s little face is just the sweetest thing! I don’t see anything wrong with kids walking barefoot. Especially at one, she doesn’t need to be wearing shoes all the time. It’s actually good for kids to be exposed to a bit of dirt and germs; it makes their immune system stronger.

  • Anonymous

    They are cute and Vida looks a lot more mixed race than her brother. Going without shoes is a health hazard for children.

    • Janna

      Lots of things could be construed as a “health hazard”. She’s not walking on glass or hot coals, for heaven’s sake!

  • Anonymous 2

    This is such a precious photo!

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