Debi Mazar & Daughters: Bounty Hunters

Debi Mazar and daughters Evelyn 9, and Giulia 5, made grocery shopping a family affair at a store in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (October 19).

The Entourage actress and her girls picked up a few things, including a big pack of paper towels. Hey, celebrities spill things, too. And speaking of spills, Debi recently talked about keeping it real in the kitchen.

“I cook in schloompy clothes like a T-shirt,” she says, talking about her Cooking Channel show Extra Virgin, that she hosts with Tuscan hubby Gabriele Corcos.

“I have two kids, a husband, an acting career, a TV show. I run around. Kick heels off. Hand-wash grease spots. I really work. Where’s time to change in the kitchen? I’m not worrying about keeping perfect areas. My grandma collects beautiful aprons, so there’s those when I need them.”

And Debi isn’t shy about sampling the wares. “I’m a curvy girl. I like good wine. Like to eat. I don’t subscribe to being skinny. I cover with dresses below my knees to hide the upper thighs. Truth is, my ass is huge.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    Aw! I watched her and husband’s show this weekend because there was nothing else on and I liked it! They’re pretty cute together.

    And I will always remember has the villain in the second Beethoven movie.

  • Anonymous

    klutzy_girl @ I watch their show too and your right they are cute together.

  • Anonymous

    The older daughter’s name is Evelina not Evelyn. Her husband is a family friend!

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