First Glimpse Of Natalie Portman’s Son Aleph!

It’s our first sneak peek of baby Aleph!

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman and her adorable 4-month-old son were spotted leaving a friend’s house in Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday (October 20).

The 30-year-old Black Swan star carried her darling son close to her chest as she strolled through the streets.

Natalie – who was born in Israel to the name Natalie Hershlag – chose a symbolic name for her firstborn child. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, similar to alpha being the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Aleph is the number 1 in Hebrew and is also spelled “alef.” In Judaic Kabbalah, its esoteric meaning in the theological treaty Sefer-ha-Bahir, relates to the origin of the universe, the “primordial one that contains all numbers.”

Aleph’s father is ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied. The couple met while Natalie was filming Black Swan and are currently engaged.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anon

    Awww he’s sweet-does not look a thing like her!

  • Anonymous

    What a big boy and GORGEOUS!!! Looks like daddy for sure.

  • Elena

    Now this is a gorgeous baby!

  • Shirelle

    He is so cute! He looks just like his mom!

  • arabella

    Aleph is adorable.

  • Honey

    He has beautiful blue eyes!!

  • Elizabeth

    So cute! I can’t believe how such petite women like Natalie and Miranda have such big, chubby, adorable boys! Aleph is a sweetie!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful baby , he looks like he is 6 months old.

  • Anonymous

    So cute! He doesn’t really look too much like her. Takes after daddy, it seems.

  • Sophia

    What a little chubba! So adorable! Such a sweet, alert little face 🙂

  • Tiffany

    He is a cutie:) This not a comment on her weight, but she looks pregnant again…hmmm

  • Anonymous

    He’s only 3 months old? He looks really big! He’s super cute though. I don’t think he looks like her or his dad, to be honest! Big blue eyes and red (h?) hair! Cuteness!

  • Anonymous

    So Cute! And he is 4 months old now 🙂

  • Desiree Fawn


  • Juane

    Piercing blue eyes!! Pretty baby!!

  • carolyn Robertson

    Oh, he’s precious. Love Natalie!

  • Anonymous

    @anon — really? I look at Aleph and all I see is Natalie. The coloring may be different but there is no mistaking that he has half her genes!

  • Anonymous

    Aweeee he is such a beautiful little guy! look at those little chubby legs and cheeks he has! hehe 🙂

  • nicoleC

    chubby baby! so cute

  • Anonymous

    This girl is pregnant.

    • anonymousk

      She just had him 3 months ago. She is probably just trying to lose the weight the healthy way, so I say good for her!

  • Angela

    little chubster!! sooo frickin cute!

  • Anonymous

    pretty little one!
    i read somewhere that Sarah Michelle Gellar is expecting baby #2 and i was surprised i hadnt read about this here first 🙂

    • klutzy_girl

      That’s because SMG isn’t pregnant again. That was just a rumor.

  • Rosy

    What a beautiful boy, he is a real chunky monkey too!

  • klutzy_girl

    He’s cute!

  • Timi

    Cute baby! And those eyes are beautiful:) Natalie looks gorgeus,as always:)

  • Tanya

    aw cute baby! and regarding natalie’s weight… she does look pregnant, but I seriously doubt it. Maybe she had a c-section. It takes longer for your belly to go back to normal after that.

  • MeBish

    Is she having trouble losing the baby belly or is she pregnant again?

    • Sophia

      Um….maybe she just had a baby 3 months ago? It’s not uncommon for a woman to still have a belly such a short time after the birth, and unhealthy to rush the weight loss. Nine months on, nine months off is a good rule of thumb. If she was pregnant again and showing she would’ve gotten pregnant again like the day Aleph was born. Come on.

    • Anonymous

      She probably looks a lot more fit and toned than you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I just have to comment about the name. Aleph? really? She’s Israeli, so am I, and the name literally translates into the letter “A”. as in ABCD..etc That’s an odd choice, given she’s Israeli.

    • Kathy

      She can name her baby whatever she wants…

    • Anonymous

      Just wanted to point out that Natalie isn’t Israeli. Although she was born in Israel she was raised completely in the United States. Just because you were born in a certain country, it doesn’t mean your of that nationality. She was raised in America, so she is considered American. 😉

  • Elena

    He looks like her a lot, but has his dad’s eyes, at least for now. I don’t think she’s pregnant and I’m actually glad she’s not like some other celebs who pride themselves in how quickly they can get washboard abs.

  • Anonymous

    Aleph.. reminds me of the company Aliph that makes bluetooth headsets

  • Lorne

    He has his father’s blue eyes!!

  • ZaraB

    I think the comments about her belly have clearly been made by women who’ve never had children! I have a similar build to Natalie Portman and had someone ask me three months after giving birth if I was pregnant! I hadn’t put on any excess weight during pregnancy, and actually ended the pregnancy 2kg lighter, but it can take a while for your belly to disappear, especially if you were petite to begin with and had a large belly during pregnancy. Honestly, if her baby is three or four months old and she was pregnant again, that would have meant that she’d fallen pregnant immediately after the birth, which is highly unlikely!

    Alternatively, maybe she’s just eaten lunch!

    • anonymous

      I agree Zara and I am also assuming that they all have perfectly flat toned stomachs themselves to be making these remarks about Natalie. GMAB.

  • Julianne

    Wow i didn’t expect to see a blondie and blue-eyed baby ! he’s gorgeus. Congrats 🙂

  • Bina

    Helloooooo? She had a baby 4 months ago – just because many celebs have their tummies tucked asap after giving birth doesn’t mean that there are no reasonable women out there who take it easy with losing the birth weight. Plus it takes quite a while until the uterus is in its old shape and the skin is firm again.

    Actually, it is healthy to lose the weight slowly, ESPECIALLY when you’re breastfeeding (which I think she is).

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