Hilary Duff Talks Post Pregnancy Career Plans

Big changes are on the horizon for mom-to-be Hilary Duff and her hockey playing hubby, Mike Comrie. And while there’s plenty to do before their baby boy arrives, the former Disney star is also busy planning lots of new projects that she hopes to delve into after her pregnancy; including a tour!

“I want to get into the studio. I want to start recording,” Duff tells E! Online. “Even if I just mess around and kind of get myself in the swing of it. Before I got pregnant, I was thinking about making a record, so I still want to do that.

I think that after I have the baby I’ll want to sit still for a few months and learn how to be a really good mom, and then there’s no reason why I can’t put a record out and tour… It might take a little while, but I’m really excited about it.”

A young lady with many talents, in addition to her music and acting careers, Hilary is also an accomplished author.

Currently promoting her latest title, Devoted, Duff plans to start penning children’s books in the near future.

“I have like four dogs, so I have this funny story in my head about their whole dynamic together living in the same house,” she explains. “I thought it would make a really cute child’s novel.”

Someone’s going to be one busy mama!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Kyle

    Yes, more books!! don’t tell anyone else but I’m addicted to the mystery romance novels Hilary does. I’d be curious af her comedic work. Her record no comment she should stay away from making music and work on what comes natural.

  • michelle pellot

    are you married i did not know you having a baby boy good luck and have fun

  • Anonymous

    wow, i had no idea hilary duff was pregnant! she’s gonna be a great mom and i can totally see her juggling a baby AND a career because shes always been ambitious and a go-getter! plus, she’s still really young. in that pic, she looks absolutely gorgous! ive always thought hilary duff was a beautiful girl. lets hope her baby inherits her good looks!

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