Report: Jessica Simpson’s Staying Mum ‘Til She Gets The Right Sum

Is money what’s keeping Jessica Simpson from confirming the baby rumors?

Sources tell Page Six that the reality starlet is indeed expecting a child with beau Eric Johnson, but her camp refuses to make an official announcement until they’ve secured a magazine deal; and according to insiders, they’re looking for a pretty penny.

It’s being reported that Jessica’s father/manager, Joe Simpson, has been shopping a deal with weekly celeb magazines, hoping to convince one of them to pay upwards of $500,000 for the exclusive announcement from his daughter and pictures of the baby after she’s born (friends of the couple say that they’re expecting a girl!).

So far, no deal has been reached, but with her apparent bump getting harder and harder to hide and an upcoming show to promote – meaning many more public appearances – some kind of announcement or prepared statement either confirming or denying the rumors has to be in the works.

Simpson’s reps continue to refrain from making any comments about Jessica’s alleged pregnancy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Who cares enough to pay what they want? No one!!

  2. Tootuhloo

    Do we really need a magazine cover to hear about her pregnancy? It’s obvious she is pregnant, so nobody should spend such money for a cover. Afterall, I am sure she is broke from that turd named Eric hanging from her behind…. He’s got her to support him now. He just looks sloppy and gross…

  3. PinkDiva

    If she is pregnant, after a while, no announcement will be necessary – she’ll reach a point that it is impossible to hide, especially if she is promoting a new show.

  4. Anon

    O come on- that’s complete BS! Simpson has a billion dollar empire from her fashion lines-wth would she give a f about magazine deal? Can’t stand her or her stupid family- but get real people! She has no need for the $$ did you not see the Forbes report on her fashion empire???

  5. Lisa

    ROFL Seriously?? is she really THAT arrogant to think she’s THAT special??

  6. Anonymous

    If that is true, I sincerely hope that no magazine pays her a dime for her story.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with the poster who said this is BS. She has a billion dollar empire and I find it hard to believe she is holding out for the right sum. It’s very obvious she is pregnant. She has the ‘look’. She’s not just poochy in the mid-section, she’s got the same look we all got when we were/are pregnant–puffy, rounder, etc. I think, like most people, she is waiting til the appropriate time to confirm ie. after 12 weeks.

  8. Anonymous

    How stupid is that? Who would pay for something the whole world can already see?!

  9. Anonymous

    OMG is Jessica pregnant? Gee couldn’t tell!! sorry Jessica, its too late to sell the scoop. Just come out and admit you are pregnant and start trying to sell the first pictures of the baby instead.

    I am seriously over celebrities ‘selling’ their pregnancies and babies. Don’t you have enough money? Greedy greedy people.

    I love seeing pictures of celeb babies but if they keep it secret then thats fine and thats their choice, but dont prostitute yourself and your child for extra cash. I loved that Pink put a picture of her gorgeous little girl on Twitter, as have some other celebs.

  10. SiervaMaria

    $he’$ pregnant and grandpa Joe’$ already got plan$ for the new girl in hi$ life. What’$ with showbiz dad’$ named “Joe?!” Joe $imp$on, Joe Jack$on. It’$ about the money alway$ with the$e “father$.”

  11. amy w

    LOL you all whine and complain then write a comment,whos the stupid ones

  12. Anonymous

    I also think it’s crazy that she would be holding out for the highest bidder! Maybe 3 months ago when it was all just speculation; but she’s obviously pregnant. What else is there? And she has enough money already…

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