Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Supporting Parts Because Of Her Kids

Gwyneth Paltrow says she takes supporting roles in films to spend more time with her children, Apple, 7, and Moses, 5.

She shares, “I just had the summer off with them and now they’re back to school again. Then what I’ll do is look for more interesting supporting-size parts. I have not starred in a movie since I had my daughter seven years ago because it’s too much. I would never see them and there’s no point. So, if I get a good supporting part, it either means I do a few weeks of work and then I’m done, or it’s two days this week, one day next week and so on. That’s how I plan it.”

However, she’s still looking forward to more leading actress roles in the future.

She explains, “When I first had my kids, I just didn’t want to be anywhere else. Now they are older, I feel my sense of self coming back as an artist. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get good parts later in my life – like Meryl Streep. But still I’ve starred in a lot of great films and won a lot of great awards.”

Asked if she believes dirt is good for her kids after filming scenes for Contagion, she says “I do”.

She adds, “That’s how you build an immune system. Having said that, when they come home from school, I ask them to wash their hands. But it’s a very scary process. After this film you have to think about our relationship with food, for example.”

The actress also wants to set the record straight on the belief that she’s a vegetarian.

It’s all bulls***. I’m not vegetarian. I haven’t eaten red meat in a long time, but I eat fish and birds. I drink, I smoke once in a while. I believe in moderation of everything. Exercise is key for me, and not eating junk food.”

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  1. Elizabeth

    What about Country Strong? She was the star in that.

  2. Anonymous

    “I have not starred in a movie since I had my daughter seven years ago because it’s too much” —- Okay, so who was the star of Country Strong? LOL.

  3. Tanya

    and what about iron man 1 and 2?

  4. Anonymous

    She doesn’t count “Country Strong” because it wasn’t the big hit she thought it was going to be it barley made its production cost with no award nominations for her.

  5. Sophia

    What a weird thing to say? Maybe she wasn’t quite aware how big her parts were in Country Strong and the Iron Man movies… haha.

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