Julie Bowen Claims “Immaculate Conception Is The Only Way” She Would Get Pregnant Again!

Actress Julie Bowen plays happily married mother-of-three Claire Dunphy on the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family but she also plays the same role at home… minus the Claire Dunphy bit of course.

And while it only takes a curve in the story line to add a pregnancy to her character, the 41-year-old actress states that it would take an act of God to get her pregnant again in real life!

“Immaculate conception is the only way another kid is coming out of me!” the Weeds actress jokes with Us Weekly. “I love my children, but no mas!”

Amidst her hectic acting schedule, the mother is currently searching for a potential kindergarten for her 4-year-old son Oliver.

“I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!” she claims. “But I have to say, we’re so fortunate — you’re choosing between gold and platinum. All these schools are amazing, so he’ll be fine.”

Julie also has 2-year-old twin sons John and Gus with her real-estate investing and software developing husband Scott Phillips.

“I’m madly in love,” she gushes about the twins. “I want to eat them alive they’re so yummy right now.”

Which is exactly the reason why she vows not to follow in the footsteps of her on-screen alter ego and become the super involved mom in her children’s school lives.

“I was class mom at the preschool one year and I was pretty much asked not to do that again!” she recalls. “I would set up meetings for all the moms in class and forget to show up — not because I’m a dingbat, but because schedule changes. It turns out that’s a full time job! I thought class mom made a phone call once a year. No, no, no! It’s a daily job!”

Be sure to catch Julie in ABC’s Modern Family!

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  • Anonymous

    I have never seen her acting, but all the quotes I’ve read from her are pretty funny!

    • Anonymous

      You should watch Modern Family, it’s halarious 🙂

      • SMH

        Modern Family is pretty much the funniest sitcom on tv right now (imo of course) I don’t think I have ever seen an episode that I haven’t LOL’d in hysterics!!
        I’ve seen Julie in Weeds, Happy Gilmore and one other movie I think with Tim Allen. She’s a good actress but her best role has got to be Claire.

  • Kristina

    Ha! I’ve also heard class parent is pretty time-consuming, which is why I have not at volunteered to be one at my kid’s preschool. I’m too grateful to have some time away from parenting. … But a quick nerdy note, in Catholic doctrine, the Immaculate Conception refers to the birth of Mary, who was born in a sinless womb, not to the conception of Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    Total but common misunderstanding of the idea – the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary’s Mother’s conceiving Mary who was supposedly born without Original Sin and therefore worthy to be the mother of God. Virgin Birth refers to the conception of Jesus with no human male involvement.

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