Ben Affleck & His Striped Sweeties At The Farmers’ Market

Ben Affleck took Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, to the farmers’ market in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Sunday (October 23). He let the girls eat brownies and bought fruits and flowers to take home to Jennifer Garner.

A sweet moment was when Seraphina hugged her dad and received a kiss from him.

Busy with the filming of Argo, Ben already has a new project lined up. He is set to adapt and direct Stephen King’s The Stand.

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  • Elizabeth

    Oh, I just love the Garner-Affecks! Sera is so adorable. And wow, can you believe a celebrity dad actually takes his 2 children out shopping ALONE? My goodness. Imagine that. I do get the feeling that the girls are well-behaved, and they look so happy. Love it!

    • anon

      By “ALONE”, I’m assuming you mean without his wife. If that’s the case, I’ve seen tons of instances where the dad is out alone with the kids – David Beckham, Liev Schreiber, Hugh Jackman, etc.

  • Tay

    Aww love <3

  • Molly

    Yikes Ben is obviously happy to see SOMEONE in pic #2. Yikes!!!!

  • Tay


  • Ondine

    When did he get all that hair? Is it a Beatles wig?

  • Kylie

    Sera is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    he is a great dad who is now truly happy with his family and career.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he is looking like a legend cowboy.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Ben knows how to dress the girls.. Better thsn Jen does..We know he dresses them because she said that in a interview, thanks so much for these
    Beautiful pix! He really loves to spend extra attention to Sera! It is sooo sweet
    Seeing that.

    • Audrey

      And how do you know Jennifer or some of the help didn’t dress the girls before they went out on this occassion? Do you think that Ben bought the clothes?

  • Dana

    So cute! I used to think Violet looked like Ben but she looks just like her Mom in these pics!

  • Emily

    sera is a little cutie 🙂

  • Anonymous

    adorable kids and wonderful dad

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina’s is wearing Soft Star Shoes Mary Jane shoe in platinum

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