Gwen Stefani & Zuma: Kickin’ It In London

It’s a beautiful fall day in London, and Gwen Stefani and her youngest son Zuma, 3, made the most of it (October 23).

While out for a sunny stroll in their Primrose Hill neighborhood, the pair eventually stopped off at a local park for some fun. Looking cute in his bright red hoodie, Zuma practiced his soccer skills as his stylish mama looked on.

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of Gwen and the boys since the family returned to England last month – just yesterday the No Doubt rocker was out and about with Zuma and his big brother Kingston.

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  • montana

    I’m sure she’s a great mom, and I’m not looking inside her life and thus can not pass judgement…on anything really. But I’m always curious why gwen always seems to have a nanny flitting around in the background. She has two kids…she can’t manage on her own? When I see that nanny in the background I always think “this smacks of a photo op and not of real parent/child bonding time”.

    • anonymous

      what do you mean “flitting around in the background” – the nanny is usually the one doing all the grunt work (i.e. interacting with the kids, dealing with behaviourial issues, etc.) while Gwen is on the sidelines checking out her e-mail, texts, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Gwen does have a nanny with her a lot but for once she actually doesn’t have a nanny there so not sure where this comment is from. Also nannys do become part of the family so that is why they go out with them alot!
      Zuma is the cutest little boy in the world 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious as to what you think the nanny should be doing? Should she sit home waiting for them all to return from the park? Or should she come along and help keep an eye on the boys that she’s paid to care for?

      • anonymous

        when parents are home/not working/, they normally don’t have a nanny sitting at home waiting for something to do. the parent would be the one caring for the kids. this seems to be the case with most other celebs too.

      • Anonymous

        How come other celebs can manage their kids without a nanny? No doubt they have a nanny or two, but the nanny would care for the kids while they are working not while the parent is present. Most parents like to spend time with their kids, that’s all.

        • Anonymous

          How come so many people here think this is any of their business? The kids are obviously happy and well-taken-care-of. They’re not being abused or neglected. Beyond that, it’s not your concern.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t anyone ever think of anything original to say? This comes up on EVERY post about these people. WE GET IT ALREADY. You think their use of nannies is excessive. You don’t have to keep repeating the same comments and passive-aggressive questions every single time.

      • here we go again

        I don’t see anything passive aggressive about the comments.

        I can’t speak for the others who have commented, but I have mentioned the 24/7 nanny presence because sometimes the article suggests that Gwen is handling things all by herself and is the ultimate Earth Mama (i.e. she is no Jennifer Garner, Naomi Watts, etc.) when in fact she has nannies along every time.

        Oh yeah, just because they are cropped out of the picture, or the site hasn’t purchased the full set from the paps doesn’t mean they are not there – they are pictured on other sites.

        • Anonymous

          So what? Do you feel better knowing that it’s repeatedly pointed out that she is NOT mother earth? Who cares?!?!?

          • Anonymous

            Why does it bother YOU that people are criticizing her – particularly when nothing hateful is being said. Seriously, if you take a look at some of the non-gwen related posts with multiple comments you will see that there IS a lot of hate and inappropriate comments directed at other celebs (and their kids I might add). You may want to spend your time there chastising people and playing schoolteacher.

  • tiki

    grrr. one of my pet peeves is when someone uses ‘oldest’ or ‘youngest’ to describe one of two children. the correct term is ‘older’ or ‘younger.’ oldest or youngest is used when there are three or more people being described. just saying.

  • Kate

    Get over it!!!! She can do whatever the hell she wants. Her kids are happy and she spends a lot of time with them, who cares if she has a nanny, if you all had her money you would too. So shut up and get a life!

  • Anonymous

    Kate @ Read people don’t care that she has a nanny just that they don’t seem to be able to survive without a nanny or two with them and often times doing most of the work or playing with the kids while mom and dad set back.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I think Kate forgot to have her coffee.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I just don’t understand the point of this being brought up every single time there’s a post with them and a nanny.

      We get it already. No need to remind everyone on every single post that this is the family that can’t handle their kids without a nanny. Hey, at least they know it, and don’t risk taking the kids out alone, right?

    • Anonymous

      Can’t you think of anything original or interesting to say?

  • Anonymous

    Kingston and Zuma are just cute! So nice to see Gwen spending time with ehr two boys. Hard ´to imagine that Kingston is already five and Zuma three. Time really flies fast! Would so love to see the JP kids and the Rossdale boys having another playdate together!

  • Janna

    Am I crazy? I don’t see a nanny in these photos.

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